Seven Ways To Be Frugal And Be Happy

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Just what is frugality?. For you to be frugal means that you will not spend any more than you have to. You will not eat more than your share, you will only use just what you need and save the rest for later. And you will be aware at all time of your actions and what to do to save. And so today I will share with you seven best ways for you to be frugal, in living your great life: 

1. Keep Freezer Full At All Times.
If you are trying to save money on your electricity or gas bill, then you must keep your freezer full at all times. Now I am not telling you to go and buy all the expensive meats in the world, no my friend. What I am saying is you have to fill up that empty space in your fridge. Because the bigger the space, the longer it will take to freeze up, so get your old empty gallons of juice and milk, just fill them up with water, and place them in the empty spaces of your freezer. And another benefit is, those items will become huge ice cubes to keep your freezer even cooler by using half the normal electricity it would.   
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2. Turn Vehicle Off At Street Lights.
When you are driving your car, and the gas prices are super high in your area, then what you can do to stay within your gas budget, is to turn off your vehicle when you arrive at a light that turns red. Since most traffic lights will take anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes to change, and research has shown that it takes way less gas (About 1 ounce) to start your car, than to leave it running for 20 seconds or more (That could burn about 20 ounces with A/C on or Heater on). Now of course you must know your car, and whether or not it will re-start. And especially when you're driving around town of a big city and there is a traffic light every 2 blocks.

3. Stores Do Sales Every 12 Weeks.
Corporate stores and even small local stores will all take advantage of all major Holidays by holding sales. Additionally, they have to move their inventory at the very least every 90 days, otherwise it will all become outdated and out of style. Or in the case of food items, they will be too close to the expiration dates, even if they are canned foods. So whenever you have a sale for any items that you use all the time, then buy enough to last you at least 12 weeks, or until the next sale. And you will be very frugal with your money.   

4. Use Baking Soda At All Times.
There is currently a "Research Rumor" out on the Internet Media, that baking soda can cure Cancer. Because of this item many medicinal properties, we still do not know all that it can do for our health. It's kind of like Garlic, that has so many benefits to eating just one clove a day that even Scientists are still baffled by all the cures of this plant. SEE THIS FOR GARLIC BENEFITS... And baking soda can save you so much money, for example: Just brushing your teeth with it instead of toothpaste, will greatly reduce bad breath as well fight plaque like nothing else. Also baking soda will save your foods from going bad in your fridge. And then it is a cleanser for your stoves, your bathtub, your clothes, your sinks, your hair etc... So do not buy all these chemicals... And be frugal. 

5. Shop Once A Month.
You've heard it before dear friend, the money is in the list. Make a list, make a list. On top of that, shop with that list all at once. Because when you have your grocery lists, then shop for all you need once a month. And the benefits of that are, you will not be tempted to return to the stores and overspend. Also you will save on gas. And when you see all that is in your pantry, then your brain tells you all that you have to work with as well as mix and match. Also that will force you to be creative with what you have, after all if you lost your job or business today, you would have to be.  

6. Unplug Everything At Outlets.
Whenever you turn off an electrical component from the Power Button, it still is using electricity. Because they all have sensors and small computers that are monitoring and maintaining systems. Just like your alarm clock, just like your computer and just like your microwave. They are all burning a hole in your pocket. Just Pull The Plug Completely. And you will save from all your energy bills tremendously. The only things you don't want to unplug in your home are your alarm clock and your fridge. After those two, everything else can be unplugged. Also you already know that when you leave something plugged in, and you are not home but it starts to rain and have some lightning, than your equipment can be greatly damaged from the lightning. So save yourself trouble and learn to be frugal.

7. Establish No-Spend Weekends.
Learn to do fun things with yourself and your family that cost you no money on the weekends. Like going to a public park and go fishing. Or going to a City Held Concert. Or just going swimming in the City Pool. Or just going to the library and sign out some movies. Or... Are you getting it?. Just create a No spend weekend with your loved ones, and ask them to come up with ideas on what you all can do for fun. And see who comes up with the best ideas of spending no money so you can continue on being frugal. By James Dazouloute



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