How To Make Money - Ethically Or Unethically?

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Making money is a matter of survival, for you and your loved ones. Because as I have said many times, you can't do anything without money in the modern world. And even if you were to live in the Amazon Jungle and get free water, free food, free air and a free place to sleep, then that Jungle will soon be cut down and be taken over by those with money, as you have witnessed with many tribes and animal species that have gone extinct through deforestations. And so you need money for life. You even need money to have love, and I know you don't believe me on this one, but think about the last time you wanted to talk to a person you liked and wanted to date them, did you go to them naked? Because you needed money to buy clothes to approach that person, to buy a car to take that person out, to have money to pay for your dinner with that person, and to buy flowers and gifts for that person later on, and you also needed a place to go and make love to that person. And you need money to buy a ring to ask that person to marry you, you need money to buy a house for you and that person to live since you two can not live in the street, and you need money for food, furniture, to have children and pay for their care etc... So you still think you don't need money for Love? What world do you live in?

But just how do you make money? Ethically or Unethically?
So if you choose to make money in ethical ways you will be suffering a lot, since your conscience will be guiding you on everything you do, and you will find yourself giving away more money than you can afford to all those who are in deep needs. While at the same time, being Ethical will prevent you from going after money with full force, because you will always just want to make enough money to live on and not be greedy and not trying to get more than your fair share. Also, when you are trying to make money in an ethical ways, you will not do certain jobs, you will not associate with certain people, nor will you get involved with certain businesses...   
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Which all limit just how much money you can make. And as you already know, Money Rules The World, and whosoever makes the most of it and has the most it, will become king, will be respected, will be loved for what they do for others (And soon they stop, comes Hate), will affect the live of billions, will control what others can and cannot do. So be very careful in choosing how you are going to make money. And don't think that just being ethical when it comes to making money, will mean that you will have a good night sleep since many who are ethical are also so poor that they can not sleep at night worrying , nor are you guaranteed to have long fruitful life.  

Now of course you can always chose to make money in Unethical ways, but with this one you always have to be careful with and use your brains. Because until you become big like the big drug lords, like the mafia bosses, like the big time politicians, like the head bosses of criminal organizations, like even the Pope.... then you want to be careful with the laws that are man made to benefit only the rich. And so until you have enough money to bribe the police, the mayor, the governor and the big politicians who are all in charge of making, passing and enforcing laws, then you best stay in your lane and do things that will keep you under the radar while you are making your money unethically. And by making money by unethical means, I mean you are the kind of person who do whatever it takes to make and get that money like the Strippers do in the booty joints, like the Assassins do, like the Mafia Bosses do, like the Career Politicians do, like the Mercenaries do, like the Big Drug Lords in Mexico and Colombia do, like the Presidents of Countries do and even like the Pope does who has his own kingdom and has more money than God through donations by the rich and the poor in the name of God. 

And so your motto when it comes to making money should always be: Make Money Or Die Trying. Make Money And Rule The World. So with that motto, you do whatever, whenever, and wherever, because Money is your God and you are its faithful super Prophet. And in that you make things happen, you make money from everything you touch, you are all about getting paid, and then.... You will get the respect, you will have the power, you will be able to bribe everyone in power, you will dictate your life, you will give the best to your loved ones, you will find favor with all the Captains of Industry and you will be known worldwide like Bill Gates, like Oprah, like the Rockefellers, like the Gettys, like princes of Saudi Arabia, like billionaires of Dubai...

So Which Way Are You Willing To Make Money.... I report, you decide... James Dazouloute



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