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Give Me A Sign! Is what you are resigned to say to your higher self and to God in a desperate attempt to find the solution to your life problems. Since you are so lost on what to do when it comes to the most life-threatening situations, as well as for your mental being. And even though you have The Bible as your life - guide, and yet there are many situations that you are facing that fall into the gray areas, where you need to know which way God wants you to go, or what next step you need to take for you to solve this great puzzle that you are facing. 

And you have already mastered right and wrong from God's Word, as well as Forgiveness of others. But when you have been offered 3 different jobs, you will need to know which one that God wants you to accept that will be good  for you for years to come. Or you have a very sick teenager, and you need a sign from God as to what He wants you to do, and whether this sickness is for the Glory Of God, or because of a Sin within your family, or even a way for God to bring awareness and a cure for sickening disease. So today I intend to share with you the top 3 ways to get a sign from God in ways that you can clearly understand:

Give me a sign, top first way to read God:  Look Around For What Is Happening.
When you ask God for a sign in order to get a solution for the great problem that you are facing, then you need to look around you for Opportunities and for Events that are taking place. Because you have to understand that when you ask God for strength, He will not just increase your strength while you sleep, but will Create Opportunities for you to get that strength and grow. So look for what is happening the following day or week when you ask God to give you a sign, because He will create events all around you that will give you the exact signs of what you need to know and do.

Second top way to get a sign from God: Look Into Your Dreams.
If you have read The Bible or Word Of God, you will have read how so many have been given A Mission in their dreams, An Answer to a question in their dreams, and of course A Prophetic Word in their dreams. And so it can be for you when you say to God: Give Me A Sign, because when you pray to God with fervency and you believe deeply by expecting, then God may use your dreams when your Ego and Pride are quieted down, for Him to speak to you exactly what needs to be done and what you need to know, as well show that He is with you in that situation. So look to your dreams for the signs that God want to gladly give to you.  

Give Me A Sign, top third way: Listen To People Speak – Messengers.
When you are face with a situation and you do not know what to do next, and of course you turn to God to give you a sign, then He may send His Prophets to you that same hour or the very next day. And once again, you have read in The Bible that God used about 40 Prophets to bring His Word to the people. And so why not you? So look to your brothers and sisters when you ask God to give you a sign in your life, because these wonderful servants of God can and will be used to come bring you that sign that God hears you, or what He wants you to do next, or which blessing to accept in your life. 

But I must warn you of this, whether you get that sign in opportunities and events taking place, or within your dreams, or even from the Prophets of God bringing you A Word, YOU MUST ALWAYS MATCH ANY AND ALL OF IT WITH THE WORD OF GOD IN HIS BIBLE. Because the Devil is alive and always appears in every situation to try to throw you off, and also through dreams and through every one. So Match What You Hear, What You See And What You Dream With God's Word Which Will Never Change. Give Me A Sign... Now You Have It. By James Dazouloute  


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