3 Easy Ways To Plant Your Food

How To Plant A Tree.. See:How To Plant, has always been the greatest mystery for the average person who was not raised on a farm with 50 acre field of vegetation. And even if you plant nowadays, the soil is not nearly as fertile as it once was before Mankind started  to act smart then ignorant, and begin to fill the Earth with extremely harmful chemicals. And then there are plenty of other factors that will affect your food supplies when you begin to plant, before the seeds even germinate and come out above the soil. So today I intend to share with you 3 easy ways on how to plant, so you can stop buying all the chemically induced fruits and vegetables from your local stores, and just Go Green.

First easy way to plant: Know Your Soil.
When you are planting anything in the ground, you must realize where you live and what type of soil do you have. Is it diseased, is it poor soil, is it good soil, and is it rich? But if you can't determine that, then you must get your hands on some  Nitrogen-Rich Organic Compost. Because you want the soil to drain water properly, you want it to fight-off diseases and give you good strong plants.  

Second easy way on how to plant: Watch Moisture.
You must learn and remember that all Plants are alive and have feelings and emotions. And like the Experts have always said: A Healthy Plant Is A Happy Plant... and so you do not want to stress them out with too much sun, too much water, too much cold temperatures, and too many animals nibbling at them. And did you know that the American Indians would talk to a plant and ask for permission before eating it, as well before cutting it or uprooting it? And that is because they have learned to respect the plants from Mother Nature as living creatures, and so must you too realize their needs, and then they will thrive and feed you constantly. So water always at the root, never on the leaves. And help your plant by protecting it from its enemies, the bugs, then help with it's friend the earthworm that will help it with drainage and add nutrients.  

Third way to plant for food from Mother Earth: Feed Your Plant Perfectly.
You already know that when you eat healthy, then you will live a long life free from diseases, stress and early death. So you want to feed as the Experts of Farming recommend with the right foods for your plant, so you will not have Nitrogen deficiency, Phosphorus deficiency, Potassium deficiency. So it is kind of like the fishes in your tank at home, if you feed them poor food and too much, then they will die. So you must feed your plant with rich foods that are full of vitamins but not overdo it. Again read and follow the directions for each plant you want to grow. By James Dazouloute  


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