21 Awesome Teachings Of The Buddha For You

21 Buddha Teachings... See:

WARNING!!! This Writing Is Not For The Baby Still Milking  In Religious Lies--- At a time when all the fake religions of the world that were created by the fake gods, (Who are still evolving themselves) in order to control and keep humanity into slavery, into submission and bondage, all the while forcing them to hate and then murder one another at certain point in times in the name of these fake and petty gods, only Buddhism seems to want to liberate all of humanity and not have them trade their bill of sale as one slave from this god to the next one, or murder in the name of this god during crusades (Christians), and then murder in the name of that god the next - during struggles (Muslims). 

And to this day I am still lost as to how one god tells his servants that they must murder all those who are not in servitude to that god, while tomorrow if that person submits to that fake god, then all of a sudden he is now a brother or she is now a sister. But yesterday, although the same person with the same past, thoughts and deeds was good enough to murder, but today he or she is wonderful enough to be loved. Why can't humanity see the pettiness of the gods? Why can't we stop wanting to be slaves and work for trinkets being dangled in front of us? And why does one god set one brother in conflict with another? Or why does a fake god create division in a loving family by favoring one member over the other? Or why does an immature and unenlightened god tell his follower to do as I say and not as I do? Or why do the gods plagiarize each other's story of creation? Or why does a fake god who have not matured spiritually, who says all creations are his children (Although every one of them claim the same thing), quickly chooses one nation as his favorite and rubs it in the face of all the other children, knowing full well this will create envy, sins, jealousy and murderous intent? Is this how a truly loving father or mother would love his or her children? Is this how you are with your amazing children who are You, your own bloodline, a spitting image of you? Think and reflect Beloved!!!!!!!

Who Created Men.. God Or The Anunnaki? 

Aliens... SEE What You Believe In. 

21 Ways Buddha Will Enlighten You.. SEE:

And so the Buddha, (According to the Buddhist Center), soon after his Enlightenment had a vision in which he saw the human race as a bed of lotus flowers. Some of the lotuses were still enmired in the mud, others were just emerging from it, and others again were on the point of blooming. In other words, all people had the ability to unfold their potential and some needed just a little help to do so. So the Buddha decided to teach, and all of the teachings of Buddhism may be seen as attempts to fulfil this vision — to help people grow towards Enlightenment. - Buddhism sees life as a process of constant change, and its practices aim to take advantage of this fact. It means that one can change for the better. The decisive factor in changing oneself is the mind, and Buddhism has developed many methods for working on the mind. Most importantly, Buddhists practice meditation, which is a way of developing more positive states of mind that are characterised by calm, concentration, awareness, and emotions such as friendliness. Using the awareness developed in meditation it is possible to have a fuller understanding of oneself, other people, and of life itself. Buddhists do not seek to ‘evangelise’ or coerce other people to adopt their religion, but they do seek to make its teachings available to whoever is interested, and people are free to take as much or as little as they feel ready for.

And so I tell you in all truths Beloved, that even the gods can not deny you this: Whatsoever you think, you become. Whatsoever you speak with fervent faith in it will come forth. For all the gods who are a little more advanced than you are and are only 5th. or 6th. Dimension beings, know that all sentient beings have the power of life and death in their tongue and through their actions. And so as you think, you then speak, afterward proceed to take actions. So knowing all this, should you not then begin to do everything you can to protect your mind and your thoughts so that when you do speak to that mountain to move, it will have to move? Because again, whatsoever you speak will come forth: You speak blessings, they move. You speak curses, they move. You speak negativity, they move into your life. You speak fear, it moves toward you. You speak love, it runs toward you. You speak evil or gossip and it comes back to you to destroy you. So Think And Reflect Beloved!!!!!!

P.S. Don't Feel Bad Or Feel Lost Beloved! Because all of us have drunk the kool-aid of religion. For I Myself was one of the biggest drinker (See some of my previous spiritual writings and books)But whatever you are taught and forced to accept when you are coming up, you grow up to be that. Until, Truth Reveals Itself. 
21 Ways Buddha Will Enlighten You.. SEE:

But for now to help you on your journey of enlightenment so you could remember Who You Are, a branch of the Creator Of All Life, an extension of the Great Eternal Source, and an empowered god who is just the same like all the other gods, then allow me to help you with these 21 Awesome Teachings Of The Buddha That Were Spoken And Given Life And Power, Just For You:

21 Ways Buddha Will Enlighten You.. SEE:








21 Ways Buddha Will Enlighten You.. SEE:













P.S. --- The reason why all the gods are requesting that all of humanity do not act on their own, do not speak on their own, but to submit to all the gods, but to ask for help from all the gods, but to beg for favors with the gods, it is because they are all afraid of You. Yes the gods are afraid of you remembering who you truly are before you dropped down into this illusionary 3rd. Dimension, that caused you to forget. But since they have been around for millions of years longer than you in these lower forms and are more technologically advanced than you are, they quickly tell you that you are nothing, that you can not do anything without them, that you are weak and need to be a servant to them forever, also that when you die you must follow the ""White light"" in the tunnel - since that white light only leads you to a processing center where they can keep on erasing your godly memories and you can forever serve them as slaves by being reborn in this same dimension over and over again. But once in awhile one of you slips through the crack and experience deja vu, or experience a connection with someone from a previous life, or are born with the same abilities you had in a life before. But I know that you can see through this Beloved, because you see this takes place all around you every single day. For you see  a great person like an honorable General or a great world Leader who has accomplished so much and have blessed and protected so many, but now that General or Leader has gotten old, and now suffers from Alzheimer's disease and can not remember who he or she is. But someone evil comes along and begin to force that General or Leader to accept that he or she is a slave to that person, also that this evil person is a god, or that this evil person created all things and have accomplished all things. Well Beloved, that General or Leader is You, suffering from alzheimer's disease because the energy waves of this 3rd. Dimension has caused you to completely forget. But those other beings avoid this 3rd. Dimension like the plague, but stay in the 5th. or 6th. Dimension (They call it Heaven), so their memory won't be wiped out, quickly tell you that you are a slave, you are nobody, that you are to pray to them for all things, you are to give them your soul, your life energy, your thoughts and prayers and that you are totally dependent on them and must kill and murder for them, as they put fear of death in you, fear of sickness in you, fear of judgment day in you, fear of darkness in you, Fear Of Thinking For Yourself And Finding Out The Truth Of Who You Are And What You Are Capable Of, So You Could Reach Enlightenment And Rejoin With The Almighty Source (Which is you and part of you) Once You Finish Having Experiences Down Here In This Form. And the Almighty Source  of Energy sees and knows all things as your higher self, and that is why He/She sends others to help liberate you over and over again during each new age. So Again, I Beg You Beloved, Think And Reflect... By James Dazouloute



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