16 Jokes About Politicians You Will Love

16 Jokes About Politicians You Will Love

Politics is a dirty game, and no matter how pure your heart and intentions are when you start out, you will always become dirty and corrupted once you become an elected official. Why? Because the political system allows for elected officials to be reelected over and over and over again, and that cause many to become senior members of a political party whereby they continuously mingle with greedy businessmen and businesswomen who only care about making more and more money at all costs. Also these business persons look at every dollar they spend on a Politician as a great investment that will always, always return a hundredfold back to them. 
16 Jokes About Politicians You Will Love

And because of this filthy greed, Politicians, no matter how pure they are when they start out, they quickly start to accept monies, gifts, favors, offers for speeches, lavish trips etc... Also when they write a book, it quickly becomes a bestseller because these business persons quickly by over a million copies as a favor to them and then have those books burned. And then, that same Politician is now indebted to that business person, and so when a new law that is fair, just, and is protective of the people is to pass and force companies to spend extra money to do business the right way, then that business person quickly places a call to his/her friend the Politician, who is at this time a senior and very influential member of a political party, to vote against that measure and to convince the junior party members to vote against it as well. And that is how the political system became corrupt, dirty, wicked, filthy and pure garbage.   

And so every Politician, who was elected by the People, for the People, now only works for the business people and is reelected over and over again by the same business people. And so the mass of the people suffer, and so they pay more taxes so the Politicians could bail out their rich business friends when the very risky investments they made are now driving them to bankruptcy. All because, the money must flow, the fake F.I.A.T. money must be used continually to make the rich richer, to re-elect the Politicians and to keep the wars going so more countries 's riches, artifacts and resources can be stolen. So what is the solution Beloved? A Full And Complete Revolution By The People.
16 Jokes About Politicians You Will Love

A revolution that will never take place, because the political game is one that has been playing ever since the Alien Gods came down to earth and modified the genes of the homoerectus and wanted to be served, worshiped and to enjoy the good life. And so these same people who are of the bloodline of the Gods, maintain tight control and fierce power over the people. And before they give all that up, they would rather blow up the entire earth. Also, the people will never, ever, ever get together so they could all agree to erase the whole system and start fresh. Why? Because no matter how bad things get, there will always, always be some people who say that things are great and have never been better. And you saw that with the slaves of every country who rebelled, there were always many slaves who did not want freedom, and would even join the masters and go fight the slaves who wanted freedom. All because in Politics, the powers that be will always do a good deed every once in a great while, they will always create a bill to give some money or benefits to the people that will be taken out of their tax dollars (Social security, medicare, food stamps, section 8, obamacare etc..) so that many of them could feel the illusion of happiness and of being taken care by their government. And it is these many people who would never allow any real and permanent change to the system. And Politicians along with Business People know this all too well. And so we are all doomed. By James Dazouloute  

But For Now, Here Are 16 Jokes About Politicians You Will Love

16 Jokes About Politicians You Will Love



16 Jokes About Politicians You Will Love






16 Jokes About Politicians You Will Love







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