13 Awesome Famous Paintings You Must Know About

How paintings can change your life

When you look at a painting, what do you really see? Well you see exactly what you need to see Beloved, then you feel and experience just what you are deep down inside. And just like when you listen to a great song, you understand it as you feel it, experience it and then allow the vibrations to flow through you to inspire you, to move you and help you to reach happiness. And I say all that to you Beloved, so you could stop falling prey to the so-called Experts, who make their money by playing god. Because they tell you that when you look at a Painting, an Expert needs to tell you what you are looking at, what the Artist was thinking, what you should understand about it and even how it should make you feel. This is Absurd! Simply because Art, Poetry and Music are expressive forms of the human mind, or a form of demonstration of the creative skill and imagination of the Artist, that is demonstrated in a physical and visual form that all can see, appreciate, admire, critique, find inspiration from, and even give hope and strength to the downtrodden. And so how can a so-called expert tell you how to feel or how to understand Art? Or how you should feel about a love song, or what you must deduct when you read a great piece of Poetry? 

13 Paintings that will inspire you.. See:

And so this is why today I am sharing with you these 13 Awesome Famous Paintings You Must Know About, so you could enjoy the physical creative expression of great thinkers and visionaries like yourself. And hopefully by interpreting their meaning for yourself, you could be motivated, you too could be inspired, you also could find your creative awesomeness so you can contribute your own wondrous art, music and poetry with the rest of the world. After all, you are down here as Co-Creator with the Universal God, and as He/She creates each day, you are expected to fill each of those days with your creative expressions by inventing something, by painting from a place inside your mind, by singing a song of power, by writing a few lines of poetry to elevate your kind; just so the universe could be enlarged and just so you could take your place as Co-Creator of this illusionary physical dimension.So Begin Today By Using These Great Arts As Your Inspiration. Your True Friend, James Dazouloute
13 Paintings that will inspire you.. See:

13 Awesome Famous Paintings You Must Know About

1. Klimt: The Virgin (1913) - National Gallery, Prague
13 Paintings that will inspire you.. See:

2. Bosch: The Last Judgement (1505) - Gemaldegalerie der Akademie der Bildenden Kunste, Wien
13 Paintings that will inspire you.. See:

3. Klimt: The Kiss (1908) - Belvedere, Wien

4. Botticelli: Allegoria della Primavera (1478) - Uffizi, Firenze

5. Monet: Nimphee (1926) - Orangerie, Paris

6. Dali: Metamorphose de Narcisse (1937) - Tate Gallery, London

7. Leonardo: Il Cenacolo/ The Last Supper (1497) - S.Maria delle Grazie, Milano
13 Paintings that will inspire you.. See:

8. Rubens: Fall of the Damned/ Der Hollensturz der Verdammten
13 Paintings that will inspire you.. See:

9. Uccello: Battaglia di San Romano/Part I (1456) - Uffizi, Firenze

10. Van Gogh: Starry Night (1889) - Museum of Modern Art, New York
 13 Paintings that will inspire you.. See:

11. Raffaello: Sposalizio della Vergine (1504) - Piancoteca di Brera, Milano

12. Dali: Soft Construction with Boiled Beans (1936) - Museum of Art, Philadelphia
13 Paintings that will inspire you.. See:

13. Bruegel: Triumph of Death (1562) - Prado, Madrid
13 Paintings that will inspire you.. See:



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