Human Right And The Ethics Of A Soldier A Gladiator And A King.

How a soldier, a king and a gladiator lived... See:

Most Unbelievable, The Legal Moralities Of A Soldier - A Gladiator - And A King. And for your edification these are all human beings who destiny has given a different Lot to come here on Earth and serve. Yet all 3 lived their lives by a different set of rules, for we have a soldier who serves his country until the end. A gladiator who serves by killing relentlessly because he is expected to, and a king who serves by usurping his authority and forgetting the laws of moralities. Oh by the way, What Are Your Own Morals And Ethics?. Let us examine the life of each one. 

Jean Theurel Served As a Soldier In Three (3) Centuries 

1699, a young man from the small town of Dijon, who was 15 years old and who went by the name of Jean Theurel joined the Touraine Regiment to fight for France against Holland. And at such a young age on the battlefield, the boy proved to be a Fierce Warrior during the War and afterwards he opted for a career in the Military. He continued to fight in many battles until about 78 years later, in 1777, while Serving under King Louis XVI who promoted him to Captain and by this time he was already 92. But he did not retire and chose to continue living in the barracks. But it wasn't until 1802, about 25 years later at the great old age of 117 that Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte learned of his status being still active in the Military. At this point, Napoleon retired him and gave him a pension of 1500 Francs. So Jean Theurel served in the 17th. Century - 18th. Century - and 19th. Century. After retirement, all we know is that Mr. Theurel lived a quiet life and died in 1807 at the Riped Old Age Of 123. Great Servitude and The High Morals To Serve His Country Until Being Retired.

Up next the Gladiator Theogenes, Who Fought And Killed 1425 Opponents 

back in the old days, the kings who ruled Greece and Rome would amuse themselves by having Gladiators fight in combat, where they would kill each other because of the expectations of the crowds of Spectators along with the Royal Families. Theogenes was a Gladiator who served under a Prince named Thesus about 900 B.C., and the fighting rules were that the 2 Gladiators were sat facing each other on a flat stone bench each. Both Men were strapped in place so they could not run, their fists were wrapped in leather thongs which had small metal spikes mounted on them. At the sound to Begin, The 2 Men would hit each other constantly and it would continue like this without rest until one of them had been beaten to death. And during his time of Servitude, Theogenes who was strong, skillful and savage faced 1425 men and killed every one of them. So throughout this time of Servitude you have to ask yourself, at what point would the moral decision be made by Mr. Theogenes just to stop. Because for each soul that dies, the Universe dies a little. And you do not always have to do what you are told or ordered to do if it's corrupting and condemning your Own Soul.

Now The King:
King Otto Of Bavaria Shot A Peasant A Day ( Or at least tried to)  

King Otto gained the crown in 1886 but he was already suspect as to whether or not he could rule over his subjects. Since before that year and in the past 14 years, he was a raving Lunatic and he had forced his own royal Family to keep him in a locked room. And yet this solitary confinement did not bother King Otto one bit because these 14 years gave him time to converse with Spirits that he claimed lived in his Dresser Drawers. And after those 14 years and once he came to Power he had this notion that if he shot one (1) peasant a day he could keep the Spirits away. And yet by Grace, two of his Guard found a way around this to help save lives. For one Guard would load King Otto's gun with blanks, while the other would secretly put on some peasant garments. And when Otto would come to the Window, he would point his Pistol and the disguised Guard would jump out of the bushes and quickly drop dead each day at the sound of the Pistol going off.

"Teaching ethics and morals to young people really is Job One". Learn How To Do It Yourself instead of Media and Culture, Before....
Most Unbelievable, The Legal Moralities Of A Soldier - A Gladiator - And A King. So my Friend what is legal morality?. What duty do your morals encourage you to perform?. And what does morality mean to you?. Leave me a Comment and let us discuss this and grow together. By James Dazouloute 


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