5 Types Of Identity Theft To Protect Yourself From

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Identity theft costs the global community one hundred thousand times more than bank robbers do each year. And this is because there are only a limited number of banking institutions that bank robbers can violate before they go bankrupt, but there are over 7  billion human beings, and growing, that the identity thieves can steal from over and over again. And then from their kids, and afterward from their grand kids, and even then down to the third and fourth generation. And so as you can see the disastrous problems of identity theft, is the plague of all plagues, except it has no way of being cured. Since as long as all humans are interacting with one another, and are transacting or exchanging information, this problem will never end. And so today, I intend to share with you 5 types of identity theft that you must get insured for.

Fist type of identity theft you must obtain: Credit.  

Your credit have become as important as life itself, because of the over use of technology. And since 80 percent of the world live beyond their means and are impatient to have everything right now, then credit has become the new god of the age. And so you must protect your credit like you would do a child, because nowadays your good credit will allow you to buy cheap insurances, to get a great job, to get the best rates on the mortgage of a house, and to even have the lights in your house be turned on with no money upfront. And so you must look for a company that actually will monitor your credit report to prevent fraud, as well as take actions legally when fraud does occur.

Second Type: Driving License. 

You already know if you live in an industrial nation, that just about each person will have a vehicle to get to and from work. And especially in the West, where people no longer live on farms and use animal power. And so you know that being able to drive and get around is as necessary to you as the air that you breath. But what would happen if someone copied down your name and driver's license number, and then is able to put their faces on that information and create a new driving license. And now that someone is driving around in another State using your information as identification, and he or she is speeding and get a couple of speeding tickets. And then they do not pay it, and now a warrant has been issued. Do you see where I am going with this?. And yet you are unaware of this activity, and the Police stops you one day and you are now under arrest for an open warrant. So make sure that you have a company that will give you legal services as part of your identity theft insurance for driving license frauds.

Third Identity Theft Insurance to have is Medical.  

Since 95 percent of the world has abandoned the natural healing that God has placed in plants and herbs for them, and now they have turned to limited human understanding and corporate greed to heal them with unproven medical care. So you must protect your medical file, because if you're not sick often then that is less you will have to pay for health and life insurance. And if somebody steal the information from your medical file, then he or she  could be getting medical care under your name and may even change some of your information. And just imagine your blood type is Ab+, and someone who needs medical care has changed your file to type O. But now you are rushed to the hospital one day because you are badly in need of a blood transfusion, and now the Doctors are pumping you full of the wrong blood type. Can you see, can you see?. So get insured with a company that can monitor your medical file with the “ Medical Information Bureau “. And if the company doesn't, it can at least guarantee you help to fix it, and then prosecute the medical information thieves.

Fourth, Social Security Number Theft.   

If you live in the United States you have to have a Social Security Number to function, and this is why you and your family are issued one, right out of the Hospital. And this is how the Government can keep track of you, and this is how the Banks can give you credit, this is how the Hospitals can give you care and ensure you pay for it. And this is how the companies you work for in your lifetime can give you a pension etc. And so you must protect these 9 numbers that you have been assigned at all cost, and since this number is very unique to each person you would think it would be fool proof. But quite the contrary, since you use this number to build your good name in every situation, the identity thieves  would just love to have those set of numbers and get a job, get a driving license, get medical treatment, get a passport, get and get... So the company must be able to monitor and take legal actions on your behalf, if and when anything is amiss.

Fifth Identity Theft Insurance to obtain is: Background.  

I don't think at need to say anything new about your background, but I'll try. Your background is everything to you and for you, it gives anyone looking at your life a perfectly detailed explanation of what you have been doing with your life. For example how high is your moral, how you integrate within society, how you obey the laws of the land, how you live within the lines of right and wrong. And so once you have done your part to live  a good life, then everybody and their Mama wants to steal it away from you to go steal, to go get a great job, to go travel internationally. So ensure you get with an Identity Theft Insurance company that will be there to fight for you with plenty of Attorneys, if and when your background have been violated. 

So I do hope that by now you grasped a good understanding of the importance of obtaining Identity Theft Insurance and have these 5 categories covered for you and your family. Because if you ever saw the movie Trading Places  then this is how your life is at stake daily, where you could lose everything in an instant because of a theft and a joke. And currently the two greatest and biggest companies out there are: "Prepaid Legal"  and "Life Lock"  to choose from. So visit them and decide, but as for me, I tend to lean toward Prepaid Legal since they also have Attorneys on retainers and Investigators to handle Identity theft troubles. But Investigate and then triumph over the the thieves of Identity Theft. By James Dazouloute  



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