Why You Fear Falling In Love So Much

Fear... Why Do You Fear Falling In Love So Much, and why do You do Your best to sabotage Everyone who is sent Your way? And I know that Your first answer tends to be that You have been hurt and betrayed before, and because of that You refuse to open up Your heart. And for You it seems as though that each time is worst than the last, and every person You meet all come bearing gifts as it they carry The Trojan Horse inside their heart, and You always lower Your guards and put Your best foot forward hoping for the best.  But every single time, Your heart gets destroyed and Your emotions end up getting the best of You. So am I starting to really get the picture of how it has really been for You, when it comes to falling in Love?

So, “Fear”, this is a word that You have been constantly warned about in all aspects of life. Because of it's immense destructive nature, and it is even worst than the Monster named “Revenge”. Since with Revenge, You are actually doing something about Your situation, although misguided and self destructive. But with Fear, You are paralyzed and not motivated to do anything at all. And just when You are close to finding Your Soul Mate, Fear forces You to stop, and it talks You out of  being the great adventurer that You have been known to be. And really Beloved, just imagine if all the Great Inventors of the world, would have allowed Fear to paralyze them.  
 Then ask Yourself, would You be able to enjoy the wonderful cars that You drive today, or the amazing cellphones and computers that You use, or even the lifestyle that You have become so accustomed to like Flying around the world, like taking nice Cruises around the Caribbean?... etc. So I guarantee You that those people who invented those Luxury items that You now enjoy, have been disappointed too, have been betrayed by their Partner as well – who tried to steal their inventions. And they too have experienced Fear of trying again, every time that new invention did not work.

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So, Fear... Why Do You Fear Falling In Love So Much? Is it because You are afraid of being hurt. But if You recall, You have done some hurting Yourself back in the day. Remember when that Guy was madly in love with You with the biggest crush, and then he finally had the courage to approach You and open up his emotion to You, and You just as quickly dismissed him, without even giving a thought to how he must have felt, and how long he has had this Love in his heart, as well how elaborate has his plan been into approaching You and laying it all on the line with the Fear of being rejected. Yet You just casually said: Please! Not Interested. Or You were that guy who was real popular, You had all the muscles in the right places, You had that killer smile, as well that great Personality that even the Gods are envious of. And then there was that Girl that was kind of Nerdy, or maybe a little overweight, who created a whole imaginary world around You, and planned every detail of how she was going to approach You, and find the courage to tell You how she feels. But on that day, You were hanging out with the Boys, and she got dismissed at Hello, and then was made fun of. So What Kind Of Fear Factor Do You Think These 2 Types Of People  Had To Deal With? And not to mention The Hurt and Pain... But Did That Stop Him Or Her From Moving On, Or Trying Love Again?

Now with all that said and explained to You, it is time that You stop fearing falling in love. That You stop playing Victim. And realize that each person who may have hurt You, was just simply not on the same page as You happened to be at that time. For they too had their own problems to deal with. So Go Ahead, Fall In Love Again.


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