Why Women Must Have Guns For Survival

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Gun For Women is a very lucrative market, and since Gun Manufacturers are aware that more and more females are becoming single parents and are buying large homes, so of course they capitalize on it. But gun for women is a matter of survival, as the majority of attacks are directed toward women in the streets and in the home. So you can see the real need for a woman to have a gun on or near her person at all times, and that is because a gun will quickly deliver deadly power to stop the attacker, the abuser, the looter, the rapist, the violator and the criminal. Much more so than a baseball bat, or a knife, or pepper spray will. 

So this is why if you are woman, you need to start shedding your innocence and begin to learn as much as you can about guns, and if you are a man you have a duty to get the women in your life involved in handling guns, because it could be your Mother, your Sister, your Wife, your Aunt and even your Grandmother who gets attacked violently. 

Also think about being home alone and having your children with you, and they are defenseless against a violent robber, but you are The Mom and you are all they've got to protect them. And as you well know The Art Of Survival has nothing to do wit being the strongest, since it really has to do with using your brain along with the most effective resources that are at your disposal. And this is why gun for women is so effective, this is why having a deadly weapon is essential to home security.   

And don't forget that nowadays there is really no need to fear that the kids will get their hands on the gun and hurt themselves, since you now have steel boxes that can store your gun, and only Your Finger Prints can actually open it in a few seconds. Also you can always educate your kids about guns, just like you do about your vehicle. And since you already know that the more you deny a human being about knowing about something, the greater their curiosity will be. Remember Adam and Eve, and The Forbidden Tree? So when it comes to guns, it is all about: Gun Safety, Education, And Removing Curiosity And Fear. Then all will be well and you will have your gun by your side as a woman, and you can survive any and all things. By James Dazouloute


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