The Pope -- 6 Million People Attend His Mass

The Pope In The Philippines --- Pope Francis finished his visit to the Philippines Sunday with a mass in Manila’s Rizal Park. According to the Associated Press, 6 million people attended.

Vatican officials reported the staggering attendance numbers, saying they received them from local authorities. The numbers break a previous record set in the Philippines when 5 million people attended a mass with Pope John Paul II in 1995.

A crowd in Rizal Park gathers for a mass with Pope Francis. EPA ARMED FORCES OF THE PHILIPPINES / HANDOUT

To put that into context, the population of Los Angeles is only 3.8 million. So the gathering was as if all of L.A. plus a bunch of suburbs all converged for mass in one place.

Nuns wear raincoats at a mass in Manila Sunday. REUTERS © Erik de Castro / Reuters

The crowd covered 148 acres and came out despite steady rainfall, AFP reported.

AP Wally Santana

The mass took place on the feast day of Santo Nino, a significant day for Filipino Catholics, according to the AP. Some who attended carried images of Jesus as an infant to celebrate.

AP Alessandra Tarantino

Francis wore a thin yellow poncho as he entered the park, much like those there to see him. He arrived on a modified jeepney, a common public transit vehicle in the Philippines, the BBC reported.

AP Bullit Marquez

Attendees prayed, cheered, and waved as Francis arrived.

A Filipino nun prays during a downpour prior to a mass in Manila Sunday. EPA DENNIS M. SABANGAN

Francis dedicated his homily to children, the APreported.

AP Bullit Marquez

“We need to see each child as a gift to be welcomed, cherished, and protected,” Francis said during his homily.

AP Alessandra Tarantino

Francis’ arrival in the Philippines, which was part of a six-day tour of Asia, marked the fourth time a pope has visited the country, The Wall Street Journal reported.

A Filipino father holds his son during a downpour prior to Francis’ mass. EPA ZALRIAN Z. SAYAT

Also on Sunday, Francis visited the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, where he drew a crowd of 200,000.

AP Aaron Favila

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