How To Avoid Altered Checks

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Writing a check is easy, but care must be taken to make sure your check cannot be easily altered for fraudulent purposes.

Use Ink: 
This may seem obvious, but it is important to use a permanent ink pen to ensure the payee or amount cannot be changed. Since most checks are now imaged for processing, use black or blue ink to ensure the best image. 

Avoid an Altered Amount: 
 When writing the amount on the check, start at the left edge of the space and keep your numbers close together. Draw a line to the end of the space. Do the same with the written amount. Keep numbers and words close together, so nothing can be inserted. If too much space is allowed, your $ 1 5 .0 0 check could easily be changed to $105.00.

Avoid an Altered Payee: 
Keep the letters close together and draw a line at the end of the payee's name. Checks made payable to a business are especially susceptible to payee alteration. Letters could be added to a company name to make it payable to an individual. For example: A T & T becomes "A. T. ; T. J. Smith" --- The Davis Co. becomes "Theo Davis Cook"

Avoid Blank Payees: When cashing a check, wait until you arrive at the bank to sign it. A signed blank check, or a signed check payable to "Cash,"can be cashed by anyone if you or the recipient loses the check before taking it to the bank. 

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