20 Video Game Problems Kids Don-t Have Today

Video Game Facts.. See:When you are playing your video game, do you take a moment to give some thoughts to it as to how it was created, who came up with it? Well to help you here are some basic facts about video games:

“Introduced in 1993, the 3DO was the first video game system to be based entirely on CD technology.” –

“The word “Capcom” was created from taking the first 3 letters from each word in “Capsule Computers” (from the subsidiary Japan Capsule Computer Co).” –

“Due to South Korea banning Japanese cultural imports at the end of World War II, the Master System was distributed by South Korean company Samsung, and was named the Gam*Boy.

Samsung released many consoles in South Korea under alternate names, like the Game Boy, Genesis, NES, Game Gear, SNES and Nintendo 64.” –

“If you open a Dreamcast VMU, you can see “potato” printed on a chip, as a joke referencing a “potato chip”.” –

“Ironically, SEGA’s GD-Rom technology was created as DVDs were not available for SEGA, and they wanted to create a disc that would be hard for pirates to copy and use.

“Sega intended to use the format to curb piracy common to standard compact discs and to offer increased storage capacity. It is similar to the standard CD-ROM except that the pits on the disc are packed more closely together, resulting in a higher storage capacity: around 1.2 gigabytes, which is almost double the storage capacity of a typical CD” 

20 Video Game Problems Kids Don-t Have Today

And Now, 20 Video Game Problems Kids Don-t Have Today:


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