12 Best Quotes For You To Make It Today.

How to make it everyday.. See 12 Reasons:

Because You are needed at this very moment by someone like me, so we can share and reason together, like we are doing right now. Also because Life is not your enemy, and the Universe is not out to get you, nor is God dead set against you... No Beloved, what is going on with you today, is just one little step that has a little crack in it, among the many stairs that you must climb toward Success, toward Greatness, toward overcoming all. 

Because if you give up, then your dreams will die. Then tomorrow with all its gifts will not come, because they needed these last few actions from you today, so they could fully materialize tomorrow. And so make it today, just by taking small steps one at a time. Just by setting small goals toward small accomplishments, such as: Just getting out of bed, just gather up enough energy to brush your teeth, just get enough momentum to get your mind together and begin to declare: Enough is enough, today I am Victorious. And all things will work for my good, and so I Must Push Through... Because You have to MAKE IT TODAY...through this disaster that is this bad moment in your life, for Your Survival Depends On It.. By James Dazouloute

12 Best Quotes For You To Make It Today.













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