10 Things Not To Do With No Insurance

Stay Alive! That is your duty from the moment you are born. And so every single day of your life, every little thing you do is to prevent you from dying. I mean when you take a shower you don't try to use the blowdryer for your hair afterward while you are still standing in the tub in a puddle of water. 
10 Things to avoid if you don't have insurance.. See:
while your are trying to heat your food, you will not place a metal pot inside the microwave because if could become a time bomb. Or you will not drive your car at over 100 Mph going up around a mountain without wearing your seat belt. Or.. I Could go on and on about all the situations you do your best to try and avoid danger so you will not die earlier than you are supposed to. And Why? Because the gods wired you that way since they do not want you to die before your time, because you have to live out the purpose they have set out for you so that they can continue being the master puppeteer who are pulling all the strings on your emotions, on your mind and body. And on top of that, you must remember about the insurance companies, because they are always doing their best to collect as much money as they legally can from you, and at the same time they are paying slick - high priced lawyers so that they will not have to pay you a dime when you or your family members file a claim on your behalf. And so because of all these crazy situations, you must do whatever you can to survive, and this is why today I am sharing with you the "10 Things Not To Do If You Don't Have Insurance", and my hope is that by learning from these 10 people who are doing these 10 stupid things, you will not only stay alive, but you will not have to live out the rest of your life in a wheelchair. By James Dazouloute

1. Guy cleaning windows on a 100 stories high building with no harness.

2. Guys in a pool with live electrical cord plugged in the tub.

10 Things Not To Do With No Insurance

3. Guy and his trainer doing squat on one of those stupid exercise balls.

4. 3 Guys trying to put in an air conditioner using a ladder the wrong way

5. Guy using a crane to use his riding mower to trim some trees.

6. Guy using a machine that spits out fire on a couple of gas tanks

7. And I don't know what stupid thing this guy is doing. Maybe you know..

8. This guy hanging on a wall of a multi-story building trying to fix an air condition

9. This guy jumping from a two story house into a shallow pool while riding a broom.

10. This guy using a ladder in the most stupid way


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