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Looking for the best doctor to suite your medical needs can be a problem, especially if you don't have time and you need to research the doctor's credentials. Whether you are in urgent need of help, or just need a second opinion, I will show you how to access all the information you need  through the Internet's Virtual Top Doctor Consultant.

Information on Doctors’ Credentials
Many organizations house comprehensive credentials, such as licensure, status and so forth. These organizations include:
* American Board of Medical Specialists
* American Medical Association
* Federation of State Medical Boards
* Your local State Medical Board
* Public Citizen Questionable Doctors
* Medical Societies

Then you have other establishments which gather up this information in their own logistical format and provide this information to consumers. Most companies provide information about doctors who have had disciplinary action taken against them. And most consumers want to know whether their doctor has had disciplinary action taken against them. At the same time, most doctors – even the best ones – are sued at one point or other during their careers. It’s important to recognize that just because a doctor has been sued (or not) does not mean he/she is incompetent, and that very often he or she is innocent of the alleged malpractice.

What is a Virtual Top Doctor Consultant
As you probably know by now, there are literally hundreds of different types of consultants.

We all want the best health care possible, so why don’t we shop around for a doctor like we do for a house or car? Over the past few years, through our own surveys and methodologies, MDNationwide has designed the first top doctor searchable database, which enables YOU to find the best doctor(s) in America without ever talking to anyone.

Virtual Top Doctor Consultant researches thousands of MDs through an extensive process, which reviews:
• How many years the doctor has been in service (over five years).
• Whether the doctor is board-certified.
• Whether disciplinary action has been taken.
• The extent of the doctors’ Internship, Residency, and Fellowship training
• Peer and patient recognition
• Their community involvement
• Experience with type of surgical procedure
• Contacting medical societies
• Contacting hospitals

Because YOU come first
* For peace of mind YOU know these MDs rank amongst the highest in the US
* We focus only on helping YOU find the best doctors through our extensive research
* YOU save time and money (see
* YOU have a team of professional consultants who care about YOU, not just your money.
* No, we are not doctors, we are experts in researching and recognizing the BEST MDs.
* Doctors don’t pay us, Health Insurance companies don’t pay us.
* We work for YOU; without YOU ours services would not exist.
About the author:
Hugo Gallegos-Founder/President of MDNationwide Inc. An author who has written numerous publications regarding America's Top Doctors.

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