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A Bodyguard is what you are also, whether you realize it or not, whether you are just a Mother with 3 kids, or a Father who is driving your wife and kids to dinner, or you and your lover who are driving to the Mall. Or even being a Bodyguard professionally, and driving your Principal or Client Or Asset around, and doing the very best job of protecting them while in a vehicle. And so today I intend to show you how to be a protector of life when in a vehicle, because as you are aware the chances of you and your surrounding company being car jacked, or kidnapped are ten times more likely than any horrible crime that could happen to you while at home. 

Know About Surveillance Detection And Protection:
Yes you must know about where – how and when an attacker is likely to conduct surveillance on you and your Principal ( Client, also your kids, your spouse, your date, your family loved ones ), and try to destroy you in your vehicle. But you must also know how to counter surveillance-detection. So if your remember The D.C. Sniper, he and his young criminal friend, were using surveillance detection operations to effectively shoot dead their unsuspecting victims.    

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You Must Have A Good Vehicle:
As a Bodyguard, or protector of life ( Yours, your client's and your loved ones ), you must have access to a good protective vehicle. And I am not saying you should spend $500,000 to get a level 4 armored vehicle, because I know you can not afford that right now. But what you should not do, is buy a car that only has 4 cylinders and uses very cheap gas, also looks like a matchbox and weighs 1500 pounds. You should take a lesson from the Law enforcement personnel, or federal agents, because they will usually be in a Black SUV, that is a 4X4, that has off road tires, that has good tinted windows, that has a strong V8 engine at least,  that is wide enough and tall enough to have an advantage over other drivers, etc. So as a bodyguard by profession or by vow of marriage and parenthood, you have think of protecting others at all costs. So you can have  a small vehicle to do things with, but when you have the company of family or business associates, then have a good vehicle.  

Know How To Detect Surveillance:
First of all, never-ever underestimate the great power of Your Instincts or that 6th. Sense. Because it is a gift that God gave you to navigate through all your troubles down here on Earth. And so if you think something is wrong, as your first thought, 99% of the time it is. So if you think you are being followed, or pictures of you are being taken illegally, or you are being tagged on the highway, then it is happening. And if you are a professional bodyguard, then that goes without saying, the fact that your Principal has hired you, means that he or she has enemies and they are doing vehicle surveillance on them. So detect, detect, and detect. Do not let the attackers do their homework by using The Element Of Surprise and get a jump on you. So when you are driving, look behind you and on your sides. When you are at a red light, leave room between you and the next vehicle, so you can get away in case there is an ambush with a gun at your windows. As a professional bodyguard, always use 3 armored vehicles: One as a lead vehicle, and a follow vehicle. The lead vehicle will clear up any road obstacles and sacrifice itself for the principal's life, and the follow vehicle can quickly step up and places itself as a protection barrier, as well as sacrifice itself to protect the principal's life  

Never Stop Vehicle When Under Attacks
When you are under attack in a vehicle, as a bodyguard, your one and only job is to get away and get your client, or principal or family out of danger at all costs. So with that, never-ever let vehicle come to a dead stop. You drive no matter what ( Always have at least half a tank of gas ), you drive with bullets flying by your head, you drive with back windshield shattered, you drive if a grenade is thrown in front of you, you drive if they shoot your tires. And when engine goes completely dead, now you must turn that “GOOD VEHICLE” I told you before into an armored tank or a quick short term Fort. Because you have a cellphone to call Police, you have a cellphone to call friends, and you also have weapons to repel the attackers. Most Of All, Remain Calm... You can not solve or deal with situations if you are panicking... Remember You Are Needed Right Now To Be The Hero, The Protector, The Guardian, The Life-Saver, The....

Always Imagine What Could Go Wrong As Bodyguard:
If anything can go wrong, it will. If everybody else is lucky, you are the unlucky one. So Always Live Your Life By These Mottos. And that way you will always be ahead of the game, you will never give the attackers the upper hand by surprising you. ALWAYS ASK YOURSELF: WHAT WOULD I DO RIGHT NOW, IF THIS OR THAT WERE TO HAPPEN? Then you will be able to create an escape plan or an evasion plan in your mind that your body will follow. Also, as a bodyguard or protector of life, you must always learn and stay aware of different routes to take when you are in a vehicle. Additionally, you must know your vehicle as a great Driver, just like a great Shooter knows his guns, and a very Rich person knows his money very well. Know what your vehicle can do before hands, so you become like the character "Mad Max “and survive. BECAUSE THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ''' RISK-FREE-ENVIRONMENT.  

BODYGUARD... How To Protect Life When In A Vehicle: Because the vehicle that you are driving in is your second home, and you use it so much more than your actual brick and mortar home. As well, you are so much more vulnerable while in a vehicle, because every red light is an opportunity for violent crime to take place, every bridge or tunnel you drive under, is a chance where you will be forced to pull over in the dark and be kidnapped, and not to forget that every road that you turn into, is a one way opportunity for your life to become extremely violent within seconds. And for you and yours to become a  victim, should never even be a factor, if you apply these techniques and principals...    By James Dazouloute  


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