Happy Veteran's Day --- Or Is It?

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Happy Veteran's Day! But is it for those millions of Veterans?
And thank you for your service! -- This is what most people will say to a Veteran down the street whom they meet and then just go on about their business. And there is nothing wrong with that, because they should go on about their business and do the best they can to live life fully. But for many millions of those Veterans, they can not just go on about their business because they have no business, they have no jobs, they have no family, they have no friends, and many of them don't even have the right mind to cope with or get along in life. Why? 

Because they went to go fight a war a while back in some never heard of country that some Politicians and President who were sitting around with their big money friends, smoking cigars and drinking brandy, all the while deciding on how to  go about invading some country, how to steal their resources, how to put in their version of government to run that country through a coup, how to get their hands on that country's artifacts, how to create a proxy war to destabilize the government of that country, how to... and how to..  And with no danger to themselves, they want all this to get done by using the blood of  "Guess Who?".

They have to use the blood of your son, the blood of your daughter, of your sister, of your brother, of your cousin, of your father, mother, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife etc...  And mind you my friend, that those people didn't have nothing to do with that country, nor did they even know where that country was on the global map. But give it a few months, through repeated Propaganda using the news media, the social media, the print. And they will shape and mold the opinions of all these people by convincing them that the people of that country is evil, the government of that country are all murderers,  and the little girls and little boys all deserve to die because they are all evil. And there goes our military men and women on their way to war to fight and destroy that country. To murder, kill, maim, abuse, violate, harass all these people from the other side of the world.

But what they didn't know is that those little people who are living in villages, in huts, in caves, and who are just farmers with no real formal education, will not go into the night quietly. And they will not be murdered by drones, by airplane bombardments, by foreign military men and women without putting up a fight. And so they start to learn about how to use what is around them to fight with, they start to learn how to make bombs from their few educated comrades, and they start to use the terrain they have been living on all their life so they can fight. And when our military men and women come in the name of Freedom, in the name of being Liberators, in the name of Democracy to murder them, kill them, maim them, violate and abuse them... Then here comes the I.E.D 's so they can blow off the limbs of these foreign military men and women who are your brothers, your sisters, your cousins, your husband, wife, your best friends... But remember, these 2 sides of people fighting did nothing to each other. But the Politicians and President decided to engage the two and make them hate each other. 

Now, those young kids (Our military men and women) who are between 17 and 24 years old have never seen death before, have never murdered innocent people because someone gave them the order to do so before, nor have they ever seen children lying in the street with their limbs blown off by a bullet or a bomb. And imagine that those young men and women have to kill, maim, murder, abuse all the people of that country day and night for 6 months or a year, depending on how long their tour of duty is. And because they witness and participate in so much death, mayhem, murder and destruction for so long, their brain, their conscience, their aura of energy can not cope with such violent extremes, because human beings were never created to witness and participate in so much violent death, so much destruction, so much pain and misery, so much violation of human right, and now their mind and psyche are forever screwed up. And once that happens, the rest of their life is forever screwed up, and so they will never be able to fully cope once they have been in battle and have seen and participated in so much horror. And let's nor forget about those Veterans, who not only have their mind screwed up, but they also took a bullet, also had limbs blown off, also had shrapnels in their body etc..

And now these great heroes, the ones who were able to survive physically are able to be flown back home. And now they are called Veterans of war, and for so many of them, now begins the real pain, the real nightmare, the real PTSD, the real psychological traumas, the real problem of not being able to cope living with their spouse,with their family, with their friends. And soon they become Homeless, or Crazy, or Psychopaths.... And do not forget that those same Politicians and President are sitting at home with their spouse and children laughing, while those Veterans are suffering, while they are trying to cope, while they are having nightmares at night, while they are breaking down mentally more and more day by day. And while a few of those Veterans can cope mentally, the rest of them who went to war and did several tours of duty in Vietnam, in Korea, in South America, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and anywhere else they were blindly ordered to go, are just going crazy mentally and are in constant physical pain.

So Happy Veterans Day and Thank You For Your Service? Please think about that the next time you meet a Veteran. Because he or she who went to war and did not have a cushy desk job in the military, is having a very hard time coping mentally, physically and emotionally.  By James Dazouloute

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