5 Things You Must Do Before A Tornado

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What you must do before the Tornado comes, since once this bad weather system has arrived, all you can do then is D.U.C.K. ( Downstairs, Underneath Something, Center Of The House, Keep Away From The Windows, ) And Nothing Else. Because the power that you have dear friend over this natural devastating disaster, is in your preparations, your precautions, and your mental expectations. For without those 3 attributes, you are setting yourself up to perish for sure. And today, I want to share with the top 5 things you must do before the tornado touches down in your neighborhood, and then in your house. 

Tornado weather... First thing to do is: Create A Plan. 
And I know you have heard this a million times dear friend, but it is still vital that you create some kind of a plan beforehand. Because what will keep the mind of your loved ones as well as yours very calm. Since it is the knowledge that you have deep down inside that you are somewhat prepared. Otherwise Panic will set in before you can even take your next breath. Plus with a plan, you can try a few things to save yourself, instead of freezing up in fear and feeling powerless. So make a plan right now, as to where you will go within your home. Where is the safest and strongest area?. And if you were with me earlier, you'll notice that I said use the Acronym "D.U.C.K.". So in your planning, you should be preparing a place in the lowest part of your house that will be your downstairs, and underneath something steady and strong like the door frame. And you will certainly want to be in the middle of the house and keeping away from the windows. And you will want to have some boots, a shovel, a sledge hammer, a hard hat. All to help you get from under the debris afterward  

Second top thing to do for tornado weather: Practice Your Plan. 
Practice with yourself and with your family, so that way the plan can become second nature and instinctive. Just like they do in the military, you practice your plan enough including not enough water for a few days, until your mind and body have accepted it as normal. So when the tornado comes, it will just be a matter of activating. 

Third way to survive tornado weather: Keep Supplies In Different Places. 
Meaning, you do not know exactly how the tornado will criss-cross in your house, and you are not privy to God's mind to know what will be spared, and who will go home in that disaster. So you have to keep your supplies such as flashlights, portable radios, road maps and cellphones in different part of your homes. And even better if you could keep supplies and equipments in 2 different homes, so that way you are guaranteed to be okay with food, water, shelter and clothing no matter what.  

Fourth thing to do for a disaster tornado: Keep Your Ears To The Ground. 
In other words be a thief of information, by gathering updates from every radio and television station, from every phone calls to people who know more than you, from every internet media. Since before the tornado all these resources will be working perfectly. Also learn all that you can about tornadoes, how they form, how they travel, how they zig zag, and even how they die. Because at that time, that disaster tornado is your enemy trying to destroy all that you hold dear. 

Tornado Weather... Fifth thing you must do beforehand: Be Overly Prepared. 
Meaning, if the Experts tell you to have 3 days worth of supplies, then have for 6. If they tell you to have one sledge hammer, then have 2. One flashlight, then 4. One evacuation route, then 3. One pair of boots, then 4 pairs. All because you already know, that in life, whenever you are completely ready for something, Nothing Happens. But as soon as you are not ready, then here comes trouble. And you see this with your car, when you have your income tax check, the transmission is working perfectly. Or your house and the roof is pushing down the drain, all water with no leaks. But soon as you are not ready, then the Dark Powers That Be will quickly unleash on you. So Best To Always Be Overly Ready. 

Tornado Weather, be careful! And of course once the City Alarm has sounded or you hear that Whistling Sound, then immediately activate the great plan. And Triumph. By James Dazouloute  


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