4 Ways To Grow A Vegetable Garden

4 Ways to grow vegetables.. See:

How To Plant - is very hard for you to fully understand, since every time that you had planted anything so far, it has died from your very hands. And you know you are not a murderer, nor do you enjoy maiming other life forms, because after all you are a friend of Mother Earth and a benefactor of the environment. So what is the deal with the garden that you are trying to grow, also the flowers and the plants that you have spent good money on that you are putting in the ground, and yet nothing is happening for you? And why is The Soil working against you? Why is the drainage in your yard so poor, and why even The Sun so much against you? Or Are They?... And so today I intend to share with you 4 easy ways to on how to plant and grow your garden, so you could have the Best Green Thumb within your circle:

First easy way on how to plant and grow your garden: Be Mindful Of The Drainage.
Before you plant anything, even a tree, take your shovel and dig a hole to see what kind of soil you have to work with. Is it all Clay, is it all Sand, or is it just Dirt? Then grab your water hose and and fill that hole, and see just how long it takes for that water to drain. And you don't need to wait hours to see if it is all gone, you just need to see if at least a quarter of that water has drained in about 30 minutes. Because if you don't have good drainage, then that water is just going to sit there around the roots and make everything soggy. And you already know if things are soggy, then they can't grow, since you need water – then dryness – then sunshine. And if you have poor drainage, then you may have to dig that hole at least a foot or two deeper, and then add good drainage soil and mulch, so the water will not sit in the roots.

How to plant, second easy way: Observe The Sun.
While Water Is The Giver Of life, Sun is The Grower Of Life and Earth Sustains Life. So you have to know all three real well, you have to especially know about The Sun. Because you will need it badly if you want those seeds to turn into fully grown vegetables, and you are already aware how The Mayans and The Aztecs have worshiped The Sun for it's Superpower. So see where is The Sun coming out and setting down in your neck of the wood, especially where you plan to grow your garden. And you want a perfect balance of Sunshine, you don't want way too much Sun and way too little of it. You want a natural flow of Sunshine where it shines on that spot of your garden for a few hours and then move on. So you don't want The Sun to just sit there and keep on heating up your garden, so just observe which side of your house you have a good flow...  P.S. When it comes to planting Plants and Flowers, some need a lot of Sunshine like Roses, others need very little like Patio Plants... So Beware.

Grow your garden, third easy way: Small Beginnings.
You are not a Farmer, and so when you are planting a garden, do not be too hasty or greedy. Just plant the seeds for a few Tomatoes, a few Watermelons, a few Carrots Just For This Season, and then see how that works out for you the first season. And then you go from there and expand your garden to your entire backyard, because you must remember the amount of maintenance that a garden requires, as well the little rodents and other animals that you have to fight off from eating all your hard work like the jack rabbit, the turtles, the snakes, the birds, the bees etc. So again, start small and plant for a few good vegetables and small fruits.

How to plant, fourth easy way: Know Your Soil.
Just because you have your heart set on eating corns, or watermelon or fat tomatoes, or even great spinach does not mean that your soil where you live is built for those particular items. So if you live in the North, only certain vegetables will grow, and if you live in hot soil of the South, then there are only some vegetables and fruits that are best suited for that soil. Also you may have to add good soil to your bad soil, if you want food to grow, as well you may need to add plant or vegetable food to add nutrition to what you're trying to grow. And don't forget to till that soil every chance you get, remove all weeds and grass that are trying to grow and steal your precious water for your garden. So always go to your local Farmer Store and see what they have on their shelves for you to plant, and try not to order seeds from Out Of State since they may not be for your area.

So as you can see, for how to plant and grow your garden is quite easy if you just apply all the basics. If you take your time and plant the right ways, after all you can not keep on going to the Supermarket for all your vegetable and fruit needs, because they have to spray heavy chemicals on those foods, first from the growers and then by them as they receive those products from the delivery trucks, just to make them last a week or two. And those chemicals are very bad for your health, and not to forget the heavily concentrated ones that the Commercial Farmers use so the foods can grow faster than Mother Nature intended, as well much bigger. So go ahead Mr. and Ms. Green Thumb, and plant, then grow your garden today... Then Leave Me A Comment And Share Your Green Thumb Techniques With Us, So We All Could Learn And Grow.  OH YEAH! TALK TO YOUR PLANTS, VEGETABLES AND FLOWERS, BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL LIVING BEINGS AND HAVE FEELINGS, JUST LIKE YOU:   By James Dazouloute

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