33 Ways To Close A Business Deal

How To Close A Business Deal In 33 Ways.. See:

You are running a business and need to make money, and to do so you need to make deals, and to make those deals you must close them out. Because without closing your clients, your new business partners, then you will have wasted money on business lunches, on flying out to go to meetings, on video conferencing etc. Also because you need money to expand, to advertise, to have sales, to hire new employees, then you must attract new investors, you must know how to make them feel good about themselves, how to make them think they are in control of the deal and you must give them the upperhand upfront so you can have your way later on. And this is why today I am sharing with you these 33 Ways To Close A Business Deal:

  1. Handover Close - someone else does the final close.
  2. Handshake Close - offer handshake to trigger automatic reciprocation.
  3. Humor Close - relax them with humor.
  4. Hurry Close - go fast to stop them thinking too much.
  5. IQ Close - say how this is for intelligent people.
  6. Minor points Close - close first on the small things.
  7. Never-the-best-time Close - for customers who are delaying.
  8. No-hassle Close - make it as easy as possible.
  9. Now-or-never Close - to hurry things up.
  10. Opportunity Cost Close - show cost of not buying.  
  11. Ownership Close - act as if they own what you are selling.
  12. Price-promise Close - promise to meet any other price.
  13. Puppy Close - acting cute to invoke sympathy and a nurturing response.
  14. Quality Close - sell on quality, not on price.
  15. Rational Close - use logic and reason.
  16. Repetition Close - repeat a closing action several times.
  17. Requirements Close - write down what they want as a formal requirement.
  18. Retrial Close - go back to square one.
  19. Reversal Close - act as if you do not want them to buy the product.
  20. Save-the-world close: - buy now and help save the world.  
  21. Selective-deafness Close - respond only to what you want to hear.  
  22. Shame Close - make not buying shameful.
  23. Shopping List Close - tick off list of their needs.
  24. Similarity Close - bond them to a person in a story.
  25. Standing-room-only Close - show how others are queuing up to buy.
  26. Summary Close - tell them all the things they are going to receive.
  27. Testimonial Close - use a happy customer to convince the new customer.
  28. Thermometer Close - they score out of ten, you close gap.
  29. Think About It Close - give them time to think about it.
  30. Treat Close - persuade them to 'give themselves a treat'.
  31. Trial Close - see if they are ready for a close.
  32. Valuable Customer Close - offer them a special 'valued customer' deal.
  33. Ultimatum Close - show negative consequences of not buying. 


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