18 Best Depression Facts You Must Know

Depression is a monster that has no love for you whatsoever, and wants to destroy you at all costs. Also that huge monster is so powerful that it has no
Best ways to handle being depressed. See:

 limits to its powers, since it can reach you in so many forms, shapes and sizes. And all it needs is for you to allow just one negative thought to enter your mind, to enter your eyes through an event that you witness and to trespass inside your ears by listening to something you should not. And then you are done for Beloved, because with that just one negative thought, or that one negative event that you have witnessed or listened to, you are immediately subject to the spirit of depression for a long time to come. And once that monster gets inside you, it grows from a tiny ant-like thought to an 80 feet tall monster that weighs a million pounds to do its best to destroy your world, your positive views, to destroy your plans for the future and even destroy your perfect health, mind and heart. And so I tell you all this so that you can be vigilant about what you allow your mind to think about, allow your eyes to view, your ears to listen to, and your perception to understand. Because if you don't, then you open yourself up to suffer from depression for life, and then these "18 Best Depression Facts You Must Know" will begin to affect you daily. And then you will become part of a statistic for research to show and by then you will be on your deathbed mentally. So Beware Beloved: 
18 Best Depression Facts You Must Know.. See

    1. Patients with depression may develop agoraphobia, or a fear of going out in public.

    2. The earliest medical description of depression dates back to Hippocrates, the Greek “father of medicine,” who attributed depression, or melancholy, to an imbalance of the body’s four humors. The theory was that too much black bile created a melancholic temperament—literally melanin (black) and cholia (bile). To overcome depression, Hippocrates recommended rebalancing body systems using relaxation and healthy living strategies as well as blood-letting and leeches.

    3. The World Health Organization estimates that depression will be the second highest medical cause of disability by the year 2030, second only to HIV/AIDS.'

    4. The lifetime risk of developing depression in those born in the decades after WWII is increasing. The age of depression onset is becoming increasingly younger. Today the average age for the onset of depression varies between 24-35 years of age, with a mean age of 27. 
    18 Best Depression Facts You Must Know.. See

    5. Many creative individuals have experienced depression, including Robert Schumann, Ludwig van Beethoven, Peter Tchaikovsky, John Lennon, Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain, Georgia O’Keefe, Vincent van Gogh, Ernest Hemmingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Sylvia Plath.

    6. On a worldwide basis, depression ranks fourth as a cause of disability and early death according to the Global Burden of Disease Study.

    7. Depression often presents itself in four ways: mood changes, cognitive (memory and thought process) changes, physical changes, and behavioral changes.

    8. Long-term use of some prescription medications may cause depressive symptoms, such as corticosteroids (Deltasone, Orasone), the anti-inflammatory Interferon (Avonex, Rebetron), bronchodilators (Slo-phyllin, Theo-Dur), stimulants (e.g., diet pills), sleeping and anti-anxiety pills (Valium, Librium), acne medications (Accutane), some blood pressure and heart medications, oral contraceptives, and anticancer drugs (tamoxifen). 
    18 Best Depression Facts You Must Know.. See

    9. Some diseases are interconnected with depression, such as thyroid problems, heart disease, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, obstructive sleep apnea, and chronic pain.

    10. Researchers have found that the most troubling and disabling factor among Parkinson’s patients was depression rather than the physical limitations caused by the disease or the effects of the medicine.

    11. Depression is common among those with eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder.

    12. The total cost of depression in the United States are estimated to be $44 billion: $12 billion in direct costs of treatment, $8 billion in premature death, and $24 billion in absenteeism and reduced productivity at work. These do not include out-of-pocket family expenses, costs of minor and untreated depression, excessive hospitalization, general medical services, and diagnostic tests.  
    18 Best Depression Facts You Must Know.. See

    13. Depressed individuals have two times greater overall mortality risk than the general population due to direct (e.g., suicide) and indirect (medical illness) causes.

    14. Brain-imaging research suggests that the elderly who suffer brain tissue damage due to high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol are more likely to develop depression. Maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regulatory, and getting appropriate and timely medical care reduces the risk of developing depression in older age.

    15. Types of depression include major depression, dysthymia, adjustment disorders, and bipolar disorders. Within each of these main categories are several subtypes.

    16. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is the term for depressive periods that are related to a change of season. SAD is four times more common in women than in men.  
    18 Best Depression Facts You Must Know.. See

    17. Depression may occur in as many as 1 in 33 children and 1 in 8 teenagers in the United States. Once a child or teenage has an episode of depression, he or she has a greater than 50% chance of experiencing another episode in the next five years.
      18. As many as 15% of those who suffer from some form of depression take their lives each year.  
      18 Best Depression Facts You Must Know.. See

        According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), more than 6% of children suffer from depression and 4.9% of them have major depression. Self-mutilation (cutting or burning) is one way in which individuals show they are depressed.



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