13 Fun Facts About Celebrities

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You have to have fun and enjoy your life, and Celebrities have a way to help you to do just that with the things they can do, with the ways they can act and entertain you along with the crazy things they get involved in. And so the more you know about these Celebrities, the more you can interact with them, the more you can relate to them and the bigger of a fan you can become. But beware that you don't idolize these Celebrities, because they do not have it as great as you think they do. Because they face addictions daily, they are tempted hourly, and they are much weaker than you are since they live their whole life to please you and entertain you. And don't forget that they have Handlers, and many of those have made deals with the Devil to help make those Celebrities famous and rich, because then the Celebrities can be used to push whatever sinister agenda that the dark powers have, since they can influence millions of young people at a time. And so you must not fall under that spell of fame and begin to worship these Celebrities, just enjoy what they do to entertain you, but also keep a vigilant eye on all the crazy things they do and those super wicked lifestyles they live. 

13 Fun Facts About Celebrities

1. Chris Kirkpatrick: If at first you don’t succeed, try again.

2. All right, all right, all right! Matthew McConaughey really loves his food. Really.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio could have lit the black flame candle.

4. Rebel Wilson owes her career to a deadly disease. (Seriously.)

5. Taylor Swift’s first job involved bugs. A lot of them.

6. Kesha: living proof that you can’t judge a book by the amount of its glitter.

7. Before she was Katniss, Jennifer Lawrence was kind of a snobby little princess.

8. Bruno Mars was not actually named after a planet.

9. Sarah Jessica Parker’s family history is just a little spooky.

10. Harry Styles, that’s what makes you beautiful.

11. The origin of Halle Berry’s name is kind of awesome.

12. Malcolm David Kelley’s pre-MKTO fame will shock you.

13. Snoop Dogg can help you navigate those busy streets.


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