Why You Must Love Kung Fu

Why You Must Love Kung Fu Also.. SEE:

I love Kung Fu, And Here Is Why You Should Love It Too. Yes my friend this great art that has been around for at least 5000 years in the Chinese culture, has captured our hearts and minds here in the west. Ever since Bruce Lee made it mainstream for us here in America, we have become kung fu 's biggest supporters and greatest fans.

And this is probably the only art and sports that after you finish watching it done, you quickly feel invincible and you also feel like you could do everything that the Kung fu experts have just done, even though you have no training whatsoever. And that is because kung fu gets inside your soul and it moves every fiber of your being. And because there are so many styles of kung fu, then you could easily pick one that matches your body type and intended style of fighting.

I love Kung Fu, And Here Is Why You Should Love It Too. And because kung fu is very spiritual, it connects the spirit with the mind and body, and that is the fundamental reason why those kung fu experts are able to make their mind and body do what they do. And with kung fu you have to learn to master yourself before you can master any styles of fighting. You have to become one with your " CHI " Energy (The main energy that runs through you and that comes from the Great Creator Of All), and with that energy you can make your mind and body perform the seemingly impossible.

And I know You love kung fu like I do, so go ahead and admit it. This great art that the kung fu experts perform only remind you of the greatness that is inside you, and the godship abilities that have been given you. Everyday and in every way kung fu reminds you that you can become anything you want. And you can grab the spirit who is within you and merge with Him or Her, so you can become the master of your body and of your domain. James Dazouloute

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