Why Is The Rat Our Worst Enemy

The Rat... And The Reasons This Animal Is Our Worst Enemy. It is probably because this little animal is notoriously known for having brought so many
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 diseases into our lives, as well into the lives of all people in the history of humanity. And dear friend, you hear all the horrible stories about the devastation that the rat causes, and there are even movies made about the rat and its abilities to destroy, ravage, entrust fear, and it's refusal to die but to survive at all costs.

Why Is The Rat Our Worst Enemy.. See

And as far back as the fourteenth century, for that was around the time when mankind could recall histories in volumes of books and print them effortlessly into many copies, was when the devastation of this great enemy entered the world's awareness. Because of the plague it brought into Europe, after traveling in ships unnoticed from different parts of the world. And with the rat, came also the fleas that lived on it's coat and which also boarded those ships by way of association with the rat. And the bacteria that those fleas carried, gave Europe a deathly whooping that the world has not seen since. Yes the “ Bubonic Plague “ killed more people in Europe than any war ever declared, our fought on that continent. Also known as the black death, close to a hundred million people died within decades from this plague that the rat has brought with it, by the way of the bacterium on the fleas.

Why Is The Rat Our Worst Enemy.. See

And so this animal has been our worst enemy, for we have not killed that many of our own selves in any war that we started to destroy our own specie. And yet the rat, did not send out declarations of wars, it did not gather up it's nuclear weapons, nor did it amass troops along borders. Just so you can see how fragile we really are as humanity, that a small animal that is usually no longer than two feet in length and weigh no more than 15 pounds, can beat us to death. Also, the rat has given us a few more diseases to kill, cripple and disfigure us, such as: Salmonella, Trichinosis, Lassa fever, just to name a few. 

Another way the rat fights us, it chews on our foods, it lives in our houses, it kills our animals, it even chews on us. For the rat in the Asian continent can eat more than 55 million tons of rice per year, it can cause at least 3 billion dollars worth of fire damage in the West, by chewing on electrical wires inside the walls of the homes.  Also in the farms, the rat can kill and eat several animals, such as: Geese, Ducks, Chicken, Pigs just to name a few; and that amounts to hundreds of million of dollars, as well as reducing our food supplies

Why Is The Rat Our Worst Enemy.. See

The Rat... And The Reasons This Animal Is Our Worst Enemy. It is also because this little animal has been at war with us for thousands of years, and it is winning the war with us and on us. For if we trap, kill or use in laboratories 100 rats, then they have already killed at least a hundred million people in Europe, the also kill millions of our animals that we use as food sources, and they eat us out of a home, they damage our communication systems as well as our light sources. 

Why Is The Rat Our Worst Enemy.. See

So tell me, when a great country with extreme military powers go to war, just how do you think they begin to attack the enemy?. Always by first taking out the infrastructures of the enemy like its food sources, by planting fears in the mind of the people, by destroying their homes, by killing their animals to farm the land or use as food sources, by polluting their water systems, by introducing diseases within their midst that they have no cures for, by severing their communication systems. And for every one of your soldier that the enemy kills, then you kill a hundred. Yes, ・Shock And Awe ・of the enemy is how you win a great war and drive to extinction a people. And is this not what the rat has been doing to us for many thousands of years, even to this day? Best learn and study your enemy, the rat.  James Dazouloute




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