Why Is Life So Hard And What You Can Do About It.

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I mean  why must you always fight and scratch for every little thing you need and want? And why is it that for some, life is easy from the time they are born, while for others, life is hard and horrible from the time they are born? So just look at someone born in the west from a wealthy family and another who is born in the west part of Africa from a super poor family, why does one have it so easy, while the other can not even bread and water to live on?

So think with me Beloved, is Life just a con that some men have realized its secrets, while others have no clue? Because when you think about it, you have to come to the conclusion that Life Is Not Fair. Why? Because you see a Banker invests other people's hard working monies into very risky investments that they trusted him to keep their money safe, and nothing bad happens to that Banker, nor does he go to jail for ruining so many people retirement plans. Instead he gets bailed out by the federal government and continue on doing what he has always done. On the other hand, you see a kid who is homeless, go to a store and try to steal some chips and a few sandwiches along with some stuff to drink, and he gets arrested, gets put in jail, serves hard time and has a criminal record for the rest of his life. And if he does that 3 times, or have 3 strikes, then he goes to jail for life.

So is life a con? Because when you have the time to become a Philosopher and begin to reflect, then you will begin to realize that Marriage is a con, laws of the land are cons, the justice system is a con, working for 30 years to retire is a con, the office of the President is a con, and even Religion is the biggest con of all by the gods. Because they all set rules that are not fair for everyone, they all do things that benefit only a few, and they dictate what is legal and what is not? And if you happen to be lucky and stay on the good side of the system, then you are made successful. And even when you violate the laws of the system, but you know how to manipulate the rules, then you have nothing to worry about and your life will continue to be great.

So again I ask you Beloved, why is life so hard? And what can you do to make it easy for you? Well you must do everything you can to learn the system, and learn the rules of anything you are getting yourself into. And I mean everything, and so if you want to get married, learn all the rules about marriage and how to get in and out if you want to the way the system says. If you want to rob people blind and take all their retirement, then you must first learn the banking system along with the rule set by government, and then you can get all the money you want, while paying the lawmakers so that when the time comes, they will bail you out. Or if you want have life super easy, learn all the rules about life, but more importantly learn how to do things within the system and you will super succeed. For example, just go to the right College with the big name, and your future is guaranteed. Or learn first to be friends with powerful people, and when you need anything it will be given to you. And so learn the system, that is all just a big con, but more importantly learn how to do things, because it's not what you do but how you do it. Your Life Advocate, James Dazouloute 

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