What Is Philanthropy... And How Do You Participate

What Is Philanthropy?  And this question has been confusing so many people for years, as each person seems to have his or her own idea of philanthropy. 
What Is Philanthropy... And How Do You Participate... See

But I know that you have heard it defined as “  The love of humanity, “ but to keep it really simple it is all about giving back to your community of Humans: In Your Local, national, international and global community. 

And really dear friend, you are a Philanthropist all the time, although you may not be aware of it. Yes, each time you do something for a friend, a lover, a co – worker, an acquaintance and even a family member to make their life better without expecting something in return, then you are committing the act of Philanthropy. And to go even further, all of humanity constantly perform Philanthropy each and every time an act of kindness is performed willingly, and with no expectations of anything in return.

What Is Philanthropy... And How Do You Participate... See

And even though legend has it that Philanthropy was started by Prometheus, one of the sons of the Greek god Zeus, who gave mankind Fire. Which is a symbol of enlightenment, of wisdom, of liberation, of empowerment. But in reality the act of Philanthropy was started by the Creator God, when He decided to create Mankind and give them the gift of life, the gift of speech as well as the Angels and all other beings  from eternity past, all to make the Universe a better place. So as you do something good in somebody's life today unexpectedly, to help that person life to improve in any way, shape or form, then welcome to the world of Philanthropy.

So do give all that you can give, but do not ever think that you have nothing to give. Since in the west, philanthropy is looked at as giving money to charitable organizations to do good for others, but ask yourself  who make up the charitable organizations?. They are you an I, and all other humans with a good heart to help others. So do not cut yourself short, into thinking that you have nothing to give. Because to be philanthropic, all you have to do is open up your heart and mind, and start sharing whatever you have. Be it knowledge, understanding about something, a special skill, a gift, a favor, a helping hand, a little encouragement. All to make someone's life better without charging them for it, then once again you are a Philanthropist.

What Is Philanthropy... And How Do You Participate

How To Do Philanthropy?.  Just start today and open up your heart. You already know that you just love to see other people smile and happy, and the best way is to do for them. Especially when they have nothing to give back to you. And then go in a private place, to give God Thanks for having blessed you so much ( With wisdom, knowledge, money, power, joy ), and placed you in a position to do for your brother and sister, to stack up treasures in Heaven. Just like I am doing with you and for you right now with this Video article.

So join me today, in every little step you take, in every little kind words that you share, in every support that you give. And leave me a comment or a testament on what you have done in anyone's life today, yesterday and tomorrow. Because the whole of humanity need you and I today, to share whatever we can. To improve the whole world, and do it all from the bottom of our heart. So be a Hero and share with me whom you helped today.  James Dazouloute 
What Is Philanthropy... And How Do You Participate



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