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What Cause Stress and have you almost at your death bed, and saying your final prayers to your Creator-God? And what is it that is so important to you that has you so stressed out of your mind and your health? Because lately you have been so upset, you have been feeling so sick, you have been missing so much sleep, and you have had your eyes blood-red for at least a few weeks. And why do you do this? I mean why do you allow yourself to get so worked-up over things that happen in your life?

Because from what I can remember, when you were born, you came into this world all by yourself, and you came with nothing, and not even clothes on your back. As well you did not arrive with servants, houses, cars, children, husbands, problems, and any other accessories. Just You. So why now do you have all this stress in your life and ruining your own health? And that is all because you are not looking at life with the right perspective. You are not slowing down to figure things out for exactly what they truly are, and lately you have been allowing this great illusion of life to subdue you, and to become the most important thing in your life.

And it does not matter if you have a job that is horrible for your health, or you are in a marriage that is extremely abusive to your mind, or you have children who are sucking the very life out of you, or you have bills that you are allowing to ruin your very being to even want to get up out of bed. So why do you allow all this to happen to you? After all, as I have said when you were born, you did not come with any of these, and when you die you certainly will not take any of these  with you: Your job, your marriage, your children, your bills etc. And think of it clearly, those very things that you are placing so much importance upon, what if an earthquake came today and killed you? Do you not think that tomorrow, your employer would hire someone else, do you not think that your children would continue on with their lives, and your spouse would be grateful for the time that you have spent with him or her and then move on, or the debts that you owe to these companies would not just sit there???

Now with that said, that does not mean that you should not strive to take care of your duties, or do the right things by other people in your life, nor should you stop shouldering your responsibilities. But the first thing to do, is to be sensible before you get into anything. Because every single thing that you put your hands in, will have an impact into your life and your health. Also, and very important, every single thing you get into – you can the very same way get out of. For example if this job of yours is stressing you out so much, then you can leave and find another one. If your children are way too rebellious and are becoming too much for you to handle and avoid stress, then you can ask Family members, Church members, and even the State for Help. On top of that, if your spouse is going through things and he or she is stressing you out, then you can ask for help through therapy. And if your debts have become way too much for you and you are now having migraines and other horrible sickness, then you can get financial counseling, or you can even declare bankruptcy and start over again.

So as you can see, what cause stress is You. What get you sick is You. What make you unhappy, You. You are made in the image of God, and you can turn things around at anytime, as well you can create anything new you want at anytime. So why do you allow Stress to control you?.... Tell Me, So I Can Clear Up The Confusion For You....   Your Stress Protector, James Dazouloute

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