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Whistle blower...  Who Fight For You, because you live in a world where Every Government is CORRUPT, and every single official act they perform is illegal and under the table. And as you very well know, your Politicians are as dirty as A Pig that has been wallowing in mud for a week straight, and do not forget about their silver tongue that they use to even lie when they say: Good Morning. And on top of that, everyday deals are done to benefit the top one percent, the very rich, the lobbyists and the special interest groups; but never the 99% Of The People who they all work for. 

And so you have to wonder if any one person can ever make a difference in any country, or in a world where everything is a cover-up, and so somewhere from the pits of despair climb out a Whistle blower, a little light that must illuminate this dark-dark world. Just like the Little Engine That Could, or just like The Little Ant Trying To Eat An Elephant.

And so as you can see, there are a few tiny individuals, a few God-sent, a few brave souls who want to be The Whistle blowers, who want to be the lonely voice that cries out in the wilderness, who want to be the conscience of mankind, who want to fight for their fellow human beings, and who want to risk it all for TRUTH. And so you have to join Those Lonely Voices, you have to never allow The Powers That Be to make you feel like you're crazy, or even worst, that those whistle blowers are crazy or delusional. 
Because you are way too smart for that, since you know that Disinformation is their game, Character Assassination is their Mode Of Operation, and even Murder is Their Scary Tactics. And throughout all this, you know that there is A God, and He said that Vengeance Is His, and He always orchestrates it so that Justice Is Always Done. And so raise your hands and then clap them together for the Whistle blower in your community, in your city, in your state, in your country, and in your world even, for we are now living in a Global Community, and We Are All Citizens Of The World And Of Truth.... James Dazouloute
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A Timeline Of Whistleblowers Since 2005:

2005 – Rick Piltz, a senior associate in the U.S. Climate Change Science Program, resigns over the White House’s attempt to interfere with the program’s findings and manipulate them to overstate the degree of scientific uncertainty about human causes of climate change.

2005 – National Security Agency (NSA) Senior Executive Thomas Drake identified a massively wasteful and ineffective program that sacrificed security and privacy. Drake reported the program first using all proper internal channels (NSA, Congress, DoD IG), then later to a reporter in 2005. Prosecuted under the Espionage Act, he saw his case collapse by June 2011. Nonetheless, he was forced to mount a crushing legal battle for four years and his career was destroyed.

2005 – While working at UBS bank in Switzerland, banker Bradley Birkenfeld realizes that managers at the bank are encouraging American clients to evade taxes by putting their money in offshore accounts. Despite the recovery of billions of taxpayer dollars and the fact that he has helped to end the illegal UBS tax fraud scheme, Birkenfeld is ordered to serve a 40-month prison sentence.

2005 – Dr. Susan Wood served as FDA Assistant Commissioner for Women’s Health for five years. When she concluded in 2005 that Bush administration politics was tying up the approval of Plan-B, not the safety or efficacy of this “morning-after pill,” she resigned, stating that FDA science was being held captive by the “pro-life movement.”

2005 – Bunnatine “Bunny” H. Greenhouse, former chief civilian contracting officer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, exposed illegality in the no-bid contracts for reconstruction in Iraq by a Halliburton subsidiary.

2005 – Shawn Carpenter, an employee of Sandia (Dept. of Energy research and development national laboratory), discovered that a sophisticated group of hackers were systematically penetrating computer networks at major U.S. defense contractors, military installations and government agencies to access sensitive information. He went on to voluntarily work with the U.S. Army and the FBI to address the problem, but Sandia terminated his employment and revoked his security clearance.

2006 – Mark Klein, a retired communications technician for AT&T, revealed the details of the secret 2003 construction of a monitoring facility in San Francisco thought to be operated by the NSA as part of its warrantless surveillance program.

2006 – Cate Jenkins, a former EPA chemist, wrote memos to the EPA Inspector General, Congress and the FBI detailing the chemical composition of dust from the 9/11 attacks and its hazards to responders. She asserted the EPA lied about the known dangers of the dust which caused chemical burns in the lungs.

2006 – Adam B. Resnick exposed Medicare and Medicaid fraud by the pharmaceutical company Omnicare, a major supplier of drugs to nursing homes. Omnicare allegedly paid kickbacks to nursing home operators in order to secure business.

2006 – Frank Terreri joined the Federal Air Marshals Service after the 9/11 attacks and disclosed numerous security problems on behalf of 1,500 air marshals. He questioned policies that helped identify undercover air marshals and challenged endorsing news segments that revealed methods agents use to respond to hijacking. He was vindicated by the OSC in 2006.

2006 – Assistant plant manager Kenneth Kendrick from Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) blew the whistle on the origins of salmonella-tainted peanut butter that sickened hundreds and even killed several people in the US in 2008-09. Kendrick spoke on Good Morning America and disproved PCA's defense that the batch of tainted peanut butter from the Georgia plant was an unexpected and isolated event.

2006 – James Hansen, climate scientist blew the whistle on NASA officials’ and the Bush administration’s attempts to silence him from speaking out about the dangers of global warming.   

2006 – Gary Aguirre is a former SEC lawyer who reported wrongdoing by SEC officials for their failure to allow a proper investigation of one of the country’s leading hedge funds. Aguirre was dismissed following his attempt to subpoena John Mack, the future CEO of Morgan Stanley.

2006 – While evaluating $90 billion of mortgages Citigroup was buying from Countrywide and other lenders, former Citigroup vice president Richard Bowen tried to warn about the rise in defective mortgages. Bowen raised concerns that roughly 60% of prime mortgages were defective, as well as Citigroup’s practice of lowering its standards for subprime mortgage pools. In 2010 he testified before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission and continues to face repercussions as a whistleblower today.

2006 – Dr. Aubrey Blumsohn, a senior faculty member at Sheffield University, blew the whistle on data concealment and manipulation performed on behalf of Procter & Gamble regarding that company’s osteoporosis drug, Actonel.

2007 – Anonymous whistleblowers revealed malfeasance involving World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz and his top lieutenants. The improper hiring and pay raises of his intimate friends and the deletion of references to family planning in policy statements led to his resignation two months later.

2007 – Kit Foshee blew the whistle on the ammoniation process used by his former employer Beef Products Inc. (BPI) on its low-grade beef product later known as “pink slime.”

2007 – While serving as a senior civilian Air Force aircraft mechanic, George Sarris discovered serious maintenance concerns with two types of aircraft critical for national security missions. Ultimately, he settled a Whistleblower Protection Act lawsuit with the Air Force.

2007 – Franz Gayl, a Marine Corps science adviser, exposed the fact that the Corps failed to provide American troops in Iraq with MRAPs in a timely manner that could have protected soldiers against improvised explosive devices and roadside bombs.

2007 – John Kiriakou is a CIA veteran who headed counterterrorism operations in Pakistan after 9/11, organized the team operation that captured suspected al-Qaeda operative Abu Zubaydah, and refused to be trained in enhanced interrogation tactics. In 2007, Kiriakou gave an on-camera interview to ABC News where he disclosed that Zubaydah was waterboarded, explicitly calling it torture – making him the first CIA officer to publicly label the action as torture. His words also exposed the CIA's torture program as policy, rather than the actions of rogue agents.

2007 – James Wasserstrom served with the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations as a senior official at UNMIK from 2002-08. In 2007, he alleged internal corruption involving UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's Special Representative (SRSG) Joachim Ruecker, Principal Deputy SRSG Stephen Schook, and UNMIK Legal Advisor Alexander Borg-Olivier.

2008 – While overhauling security for a major telecommunications company (independently identified as Verizon), computer security expert Babak Pasdar discovered the "Quantico Circuit" at the company's facility that surreptitiously re-routed and captured all customer mobile phone communications. Pasdar’s findings were one of the pioneering disclosures that exposed the full extent of domestic spying on Americans.  

2008 – Dr. Kunal Saha came forward with evidence that World Bank funds had been used for years to purchase defective test kits designed to detect the presence of HIV/AIDS in blood samples.

2009 – Gabe Bruno was a former FAA Manager of the Orlando Flight Standards District Office. He alleged the FAA lacks a national security screening mechanism for mechanics with fraudulent certificates, leaving the industry open to potential terrorism.

2009 – Dr. Dean Wyatt, a former USDA Public Health Veterinarian, discovered humane handling violations at two slaughter plants in Oklahoma and Vermont. Though he was reprimanded and subjected to retaliation, he was ultimately vindicated by an undercover video released in 2009.

2009 – Former head of corporate communications at CIGNA Wendell Potter testified against the HMO industry in the US Senate and authored the book Deadly Spin, detailing industry-wide deceitful tactics.

2009 – Renee Dufault is a former FDA health researcher who retired after she was pressured to stop investigating traces of mercury found in high fructose corn syrup. In January 2009, she published her findings in a peer-reviewed journal.

2009 – John Kopchinski is a former Pfizer sales representative whose whistleblower lawsuit launched a massive government investigation into Pfizer’s illegal marketing of prescription painkiller Bextra. Part of a $2.3 billion global settlement, the case was the largest healthcare fraud settlement in U.S. history.

2009 – Four sales representatives for Eli Lilly – Robert Rudolph, Joseph Faltaous, Steven Woodward, and Jaydeen Vincente – filed separate qui tam lawsuits against the company for illegally marketing the drug Zyprexa for uses not approved by the FDA, including the treatment of dementia in the elderly.

2010 – Samy Kamkar is a computer hacker who exposed the illicit global mobile phone tracking of all users, regardless of GPS or Location Services settings, on the Apple iPhone, Google Android and Microsoft Windows Phone mobile devices, and their transmission of GPS and Wi-Fi information to their parent companies.

2010 –Immediately following the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster in April 2010, Wilma Subra found evidence of serious health risks for clean-up workers and Gulf Coast residents from crude oil, aerosol forms of oil, and dispersant used on the spill.

2010 – Walt Tamosaitis was the Deputy Chief Process Engineer and Research & Technology Manager for the Waste Treatment Plant (WTP) at the Hanford Nuclear Site in Eastern Washington. After raising concerns about safety and operational issues, he was terminated in July 2010 by Bechtel.

2010 – Chelsea Manning, a U.S. Army intelligence analyst, was arrested for leaking 91,731 secret U.S. military reports about the war in Afghanistan, and 251,287 diplomatic cables from the State Department, including a classified airstrike video showing U.S. gunfire killing 11 civilians in Baghdad, including two Reuters journalists.

2011 – Peter Van Buren, a veteran Foreign Service Officer at the State Department authored the book We Meant Well, which exposed massive fraud while serving as the leader of two Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Iraq from 2009-10. It detailed how the U.S. wasted more than $44 billion in reconstruction efforts. In September 2012, he was forced to retire.

2011 – Eileen Foster, a former high-ranking official at Countrywide Financial and then Bank of America after its purchase of Countrywide in July 2008, exposed systemic fraud at Countrywide Financial and the corrupt activities of company officials that gave rise to the economic crisis.

2011 – Michael Winston was a high-level executive at Countrywide Financial tasked with writing a report about Countrywide's succession planning and other governance issues to allay concerns expressed by Moody’s Credit Services. Winston refused to write the report as he had seen no succession plan, nor knew if one even existed. Soon afterward, his budget was frozen, his duties curtailed, and when Bank of America took over Countrywide in 2008, he was fired. His story was detailed in a 2011 New York Times story.

2011 – Christian Sanchez is a U.S. Border Patrol agent who was harassed after refusing overtime pay when there was no extra work to be performed at the Port Angeles, Washington office and briefing Congress about the waste of taxpayer dollars.

2012 – Larry Alt and Pete Forcelli, agents at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF), helped expose issues surrounding the Operation Fast and Furious scandal, the program that resulted in federally-monitored guns ending up in the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

2012 – John Parsons was the Inspector General for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (“The Global Fund”) from 2008 to 2012. Under his leadership, the Office of the Inspector General revealed that up to two-thirds of certain Global Fund grants may have been lost to corruption through forged documents, improper bookkeeping, the diversion of donated prescription drugs to the black market, and other irregularities. The Global Fund’s Board terminated Parsons in November 2012.

2012 – Phyllis McKelvey is a retired USDA Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) chicken inspector. Before leaving the USDA in 2010, McKelvy witnessed firsthand the damage the agency’s new poultry inspection model creates, including turning inspection duties over to company employees and increasing line speeds to the point where inspectors have only 1/3 of a second to view a carcass. Her concerns led her to start a petition asking the USDA to halt its plans, which gained more than 180,000 signatures.

2012 – Dr. Eric Ben-Artzi publicly came forward with his evidence of multi-billion dollar securities violations at Deutsche Bank. As an employee, he discovered and internally reported serious violations stemming from the Bank's failure to report the value of its credit derivatives portfolio accurately.

2013 – Jim Schrier, a veteran USDA meat inspector, reported clear humane handling violations involving market hogs at a Tyson Foods slaughter facility. After raising concerns to his supervisor, he was sent to work at a facility 120 miles away. His wife started a petition that has gathered more than 180,000 signatures asking the USDA to move her husband back to his original post near their home.

2013 – USDA poultry inspector Sherry Medina has collected more than 70,000 signatures in a petition asking Tyson Foods to stop its excessive use of hazardous chemicals in poultry processing. Medina exposed the serious health issues that she and other inspectors have experienced while working at a Tyson plant in Albertville, Alabama.

2013 – Edward Snowden is a former Booz Allen Hamilton federal contractor employee who disclosed information regarding the NSA’s blanket surveillance of U.S. citizens through a secretive data-mining program that collects the phone records, e-mail exchanges, and Internet histories of hundreds of millions of people around the globe. 
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