Is Namenda XR Good For Alzheimer Patients

When you think about this horrible illness, Alzheimer, you are automatically sadden because you know that when your loved ones fall victim to this monster,
Alzheimer's Drug Namenda XR... Can It Help?.. SEE:

 then they will soon lose all that they hold dear. And by that I mean their memories about who they are, about what they have done, memories about what they have fought for and gained victory over, as well they will soon forget who their loved ones are. And I must tell you Beloved, that without your memories of yesterday, of last year, memories of growing up, memories of falling in love and saying I Do, memories of going for a swim or eating your favorite ice cream, then you are non existent to yourself, and beyond that who are you really? And so this is why today we are taking a look at Namenda Xr (Memantine hydrochloride) manufacturer to see if this new drug will provide treatment for this horrible disorder. Because we have to find something that will help our loved ones and we have to do everything we can to provide for them. 


What You Must Know About Alzheimer's Disease Now  

6 Ways To Help Alzheimer Family 

So before you run out to your nearest Pharmacy and pick up this prescription, here are the first few things you need to have done for your loved one who is facing Alzheimer's Disease:
  1. A routine physical exam
  2. A brain scan
  3. A neuropsychological evaluation
  4. An exam that tests physical sensations controlled by the nervous system 
Some major Symptoms of moderate stage Alzheimer's
Increased memory loss and confusion
Problems recognizing family and friends
Continuously repeating stories, favorite wants,
or motions
Difficulty doing things that have multiple steps,
like getting dressed
Lack of concern for hygiene and appearance

Some major Symptoms of severe stage Alzheimer's
Inability to recognize oneself or family
Inability to communicate
Lack of control over bowel and bladder
Groaning, moaning, or grunting
Needing help with all activities of daily living  

Now let's take a look at Namenda XR:
Some possible side effects:  headache, diarrhea, and dizziness.
Namenda XR extended-release capsules are approved for the treatment of moderate to severe Alzheimer's disease. NAMENDA XR is available by prescription only.

The manufacturer posts on its website that: "There is no evidence that NAMENDA XR prevents or slows the underlying disease process in patients with Alzheimer's disease". So ask yourself, with no evidence then what is the use of them offering it to patients, and are they just guessing and hoping that it will help your loved one? I mean why didn't they do clinical research, clinical testing, double blind studies etc... before they put this drug out on the market? And why did the FDA approve it if it doesn't even slow the disease, or even cure the patient? 

Manufacturer claims that with NAMENDA XR, you may see:
An improvement in overall function
An improvement in cognition
A slowdown in the worsening of symptoms for a while

Now you have to decide for your loved one if these few benefits are worth the risk for the many side effects, and not to forget the expensive price that the drug will cost you, your loved along with their insurance company. But I know that whenever someone is hurting really bad, any kind of treatment or help is accepted and welcomed, because we all just want to stop hurting. Your wellness advocate, James Dazouloute



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