I Love You Jesus -- A Spiritual Poem

For You are the only Being who volunteered to leave behind Your great Kingdom, full of Angels, full of Thrones, full of Powers, who all worship You and submit to You. To personally come down in person, not through orders You give to Angels, and walk as well as live within my great STENCH, just to save me from my sins and my ignorance. Yes I love You Jesus

Oh how I love You My Savior Jesus, ever since I was up in the heavens and then when I dropped down in this physical world. Oh how I love my Awesome God, for You are the reason that I am even allowed to place my sinner's feet on the stairwell of heaven, not just one of the heavens but on the footsteps of the highest heaven where God ( The Father, The Son ( You ), The Holy Spirit ) reside and rule. Oh what great permission You have given to my my Lord.

I love You O' Perfect Christ, and it is only natural since you have spoken me into Creation and Existence. 

I love You my Jesus, because you have given me the greatest gift in all of humanity that my God can give to me: Salvation. So yes I love You Jesus for nobody else, no Angels, no Principalities, no Powers, no Chief Ruling Angels, no demons, no aliens and definitely no man could have Repaid ALL Of My Sins to the father God, ALL My Iniquities and ALL Of My Transgressions.

To say I love You to the Almighty God of the Universe is as natural as breathing in the fresh oxygen that only You provide. It is also as natural as seeing the Sun each day, that has been a constant friendly servant by providing its light at Your command and permission. I love You Jesus, Naturally.

I love You Perfect God for You humiliated Your Perfect – Self for me in front of my adversary Satan. I love You Jesus since You willingly took all the horrible abuses that I rightfully deserve, and let demons abuse Your Body. Wow! How I love You Jesus.

You were lashed, You were punched, You were kicked, You were abused, You were spit upon, You were plotted against, You were betrayed, You were abandoned by the Father God, You were given poison, You were Crucified with nails when all others had ropes around their hands and feet, You were pierced,  You were accused, You were ridiculed by all the Evil Powers in the Heavens. You were, You were... All Because You loved me first Jesus and I was supposed to suffer all these judgments. And so I can only Love You Jesus, for there is nothing else I can do to match Your Deeds.

Oh Me!, I am insignificant. I am but a speck of dust, I am a stench that keeps rising up to the heavens, I am a disappointment, I am a troublemaker, I am red with the blood of my brothers who I murder daily with my tongue, I am a trespasser, I am THE Enemy of God, I am a weakling, I am a filthy beggar who is constantly asking of You my God.  Oh Me! Who am I?. I am but what You made me Jesus with Your Perfect Sacrifice, Your perfect repayment and Your Perfect Union with me as my God and Brother. I love You Jesus.

Yes I love You my God, for you came down for just me. I love You Jesus, for You know my name, the physical and spiritual one. I love You Jesus, for You are my giver of life. I love You Jesus, for You have made me Joint Heir to the Throne of the Living God, Your Throne. Your Grateful Servant, James Dazouloute

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