How To Create A Super Strong Password Online

How to create a super strong password.. SEE:

A Password is your lifeline online, because as we all move our lives completely to electronic platforms and onto the Internet, then we are at the mercy of all the hackers of the world, because the same information you know about you and have placed online, along with what companies and their websites have placed about you online, they too have access to it. And believe me, if I know human beings as well as I do, I can tell you that we are evil to the core, we are not good but rotten. Because it is in our blood since our gods and creators were too rotten and no good, since everything we do - think or say, we have inherited from them, because they loved to play favorites with one group of people over another, they loved to make wars, they loved to be worshiped, they loved to make bold claims about their invincibility, they loved to tell lies and force you to turn against your brother and call him pagan or infidel or your slave. And so it is online, the hackers will want to make you their financial slaves, they will want to ruin you and all there is to know about you, they all want to steal your information. And so you must do whatever you can to protect yourself and all that you have, starting with being careful not to download viruses into your computer, because that is the first way the hackers will take over your computer and the information that is inside it.  

Second, you must make it a little hard for them to steal your passwords at all those websites where you do business, and one way to do that is to make them as complicated as possible. Because for every website where you transact business, they all have you create a strong password, so that when those hackers create a program that can easily decipher your password, then they won't break it so easily (But remember that those websites themselves have been known to be hacked into, and no matter how strong your password is, they will get all the information you have at that one website). 
And so this is why today I am sharing with you how to create a super strong password, so you can have a chance not to be violated online and then have it manifested physically, financially, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually. And think of your passwords online, as the same protections you create for your home so that you can feel and be safe. So think about the strong locks you have put in, think about the alarm, the cameras, the clearing away of the bushes along with all the lights you had installed, just so the thieves will not break into your home so easily. And so you must do the same online with your information, your identity, your money, and all things about you. So look below and create a super strong password by adding all kinds of characters at the end of it and protect yourself. Your Security Advocate, James Dazouloute

If you’ve ever wondered how secure your password is, here’s about how long it will take for your password to be cracked by a hacker…
Password Strength 02
Password Strength 03
Password Strength 04
Password Strength 05
Password Strength 06
Password Strength 07
Password Strength 08
Password Strength 09
Password Strength 10
Password Strength 11
Password Strength 12
Password Strength 13
Password Strength 14
Password Strength 15
Password Strength 16
Password Strength 17
Password Strength 18
Password Strength 19

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