8 Facts About The StoneFish You Better Know

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The StoneFish, is a strange and even an ugly fish as some would venture to say, and that is probably because it looks like as if someone just kept throwing small pebbles at it and they all dented it's body. And many people have gotten tricked by the stonefish, thinking that it was just a pile of rock at the bottom of the Ocean, since it sits there with almost no movement at all. And if you make the mistake of disturbing this ugly creature, then you will be presented with an arrow-like of a deadly poison, that if you can't avoid it and it hits you, then you will end-up dying under water. And that is because of the  stone fish's dorsal spines which contain a venom gland. And really, you should not find this strange at all, as the Creator has given each specie the mechanism to defend itself from violators.

And the stonefish is the most venomous fish known to mankind today, and even though this information may change in the future, you still will have to know all that you can about this little animal, since it will still carry quite a punch in killing you. And even the Australian Aborigines  perform a ritual about this deadly fish, to warn children about the excruciating pain and then death that this little animal can cause. And when diving, you must be aware of the stone fish as it is feeding on small fish and shrimps, by laying low and then opening it's mouth as fast as possible to swallow its meal. And no matter what you do, you have to be careful not to step on or try to handle this deadly fish whether as a human, or as a bigger fish, because as you do, then the venom glands, all thirteen of them will expel under pressure and shoot at you.

A quick cure from the venom once you are approaching death is to administer Anti-venom as paralysis is beginning to set in. But the best remedy is to know about the stonefish in advance and to look for it camouflaged in the sands. But what will happen when you are injected is to have difficulty breathing, and then the heart may collapse while your skin is profusely bleeding. And of course you will be in excruciating pain, and the color of your skin will change as it is getting less and less oxygen. And then there is your stomach that will be in great pain, and you may be throwing up from up top while experiencing diarrhea at the bottom, which will mean that you are quickly getting dehydrated. Add to that, you are having delusions, migraines, seizures along will all sorts of other symptoms of the poison working in your central nervous system. So your best bet is to quickly call the National Poison Control Center @ 1-800-222-1222, and asking for what to quickly do while heading to the Emergency Room.

So with the stonefish, you must be very careful just like you would do with a Cobra, because they both will kill you with their venom. But those animals all have a purpose as to why God created them, and just because you don't understand them does not mean that you should go out and hunt them, harass them or trying to catch them as a pet. Beware...  Your Wildlife Expert, James Dazouloute

8 Facts About The StoneFish You Better Know

1. The stonefish is venomous, but they are eaten by larger predators which include sharks and rays

2. There are five species of stonefish which can be found in the coastal regions of the Indo-Pacific oceans.




6. To capture food, the stonefish wait for their prey to appear and then swim fast and quickly attack.

7.Stonefish can survive up to a huge 24 hours out of water

8. The first species of Stonefish to acquire a scientific name was the 60 cm (2 foot) long S. horrida, the Estuarine Stonefish, named by the original arch-namer Carl Linnaeus himself.

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