5 Things To Know About The Next Blood Plague

5 Things To Know About The Next Blood Plague.. See:

Blood Plague... Only brings to mind " The Ten Plagues Of Moses " in the Bible. And I can not hold anything against you by thinking only of this event in the scriptures, but blood plague disasters happen everywhere all the time, except not in the way that you might only associate them with. However, my focus today will be to bring to your attention " Blood Plague Disaster survival. "

Just imagine dear friend, if your local rivers, lakes and ponds were to suddenly turn into blood. And even the water in your faucet, in your bottles and also in your refrigerator also turn into blood. And it has been 1 day, 2 days, 5 days, 7 days; what would you do and how would you survive?. Because that is just what happened to the Egyptians way back in the day, where every single water source available to them had the same active components as those found in blood. And some might say that, yes you can drink blood. Or others might even say that, there was a good scientific explanation for the water turning into blood. But whatsoever the argument might be from each camp, I still ask you, how you would survive. For the body can not live without " Any Water At All, " but for a few days up to a week.

And as I give you food for thought, then surely you can think of a few things that you would do during a blood plague disaster. And if you can not, then you are in for some real troubles as it is supposed to happen again real soon, according to the Book Of Revelations. 

5 Things To Know About The Next Blood Plague:

Now 1st. thing you may try, is to slow down all movements and activities in order to conserve the water that you have left inside your body. 

And 2, you might say that you would of course be praying to God, as in Whichever one you happen to serve, Or Whichever one you may think might be able to help you.

3. You might say that, in trying to survive a blood plague disaster, you would try to consume your fruits as they have juices at well timed intervals, but this would help only a little as the high amount of natural sugar in the fruits would still need to be broken down.

4. You may say that you would consume juices in the bottles, or liquor or alcohol. And once again you would have the same problems, if not worst, as you had in step 3 above. And it all still goes back to: The body is 70% water and it will need it badly after a couple of days.

Or 5. You may say that you would result to drinking your own urine, since this would be an extreme survival moment. And since others who were at sea or in a desert have done this to survive during extreme disaster survivals.

You see dear friend, I bring " Blood plague " to your attention to start to get you to think about your survival, and about who will help you. So Tell me in your comments: How would you survive if " ALL WATER SOURCES " Turned into blood for at least 7 days?. .. James Dazouloute

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