4 Ways To Clean Up The Environment Today

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Clean Earth Green Earth, And How To Participate. And dear friend you already know the importance to clean the earth, and the severity of pollution problems in the environment that are preventing you to live on a green earth.  So today I will share with you how to participate in this badly needed environmental efforts, because what you do now will reverberate for generations to come. After all, remember the 60s, the 80s, and all the big factories that have contributed to the dirty earth - black earth problem.

One way to participate is of course “ The  Good Old Recycling System. “
Yes my friend, recycle - recycle and recycle. I mean, recycle batteries from cell phones, computers, batteries from electronics, batteries from cars. Also recycle all your plastics, like: plastic bottles ( Did you know that it takes 1000 years for one plastic bottle to fully decompose to it's original state? ), plastic containers, plastic shower liners. Also to help with clean earth green earth: Recycle newspapers, magazines and old books. As well recycle metal cans, beer cans, paint cans; and do not forget to include your electronics when you get done using them, or by donating them so someone else can continue to put them to good use.

Another way to participate and have clean earth green earth is to focus on buying green products. 
And you do not have to go overboard, as all big things are accomplished with one tiny step after another. And so try to find environmentally friendly products in all your purchases, and whenever you can afford it. Try to buy things like: Electric cars, environmentally friendly cleaners for your house, and even try to start buying solar panels. Since the Sun is not extinguishing anytime soon, if anything we are having more solar flares now more than ever; and so use that energy that is free from God and fill up your pockets. Also do not forget to start buying solar cooking materials, and begin experimenting now before we have immense blackouts.

A third way is to start planting your own garden.
 Also plant fruit trees around your house; because that would be a double whammy of benefits for you. As you will save money in this harsh economy, you will also get to eat fresh fruits that have very little chemicals ( Since chemicals are in the air, when it rains they all come back down to the ground. ) And the fruit trees can provide shade for you and give the animals a place to live, like: Birds, bees, owls, and all other creatures that are interconnected with us, and if they go extinct ( Like the Bees ), then we go extinct with famine and plagues.

So by now, you should be getting all the different ideas on how to participate in this environmental problem that will end up shortening our lives, or make us go extinct. But one big thing I must ask of you dear friend, is to be gentle and respectful when asking others to join you in saving the earth. Because I have seen too many people who hurt the environmental cause, by forcing their way and branding themselves as “ Holier Than Thou “, just because they bought an electric vehicle. No my friend not you, because you already know that you catch “ More Bees With Honey “. So you can have others to join you to participate in the clean earth green earth movement, by sharing ideas like I am doing with you now; as well show them the benefits of going green. Remember, all of us are the same way: If you approach us about anything, do not force it down our throat. Rather, show us: Usage, Relevancy and Benefits. And then you can have millions joining, following and helping you to have a clean earth green earth. James Dazouloute

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