4 Quick Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

See how to be healthy in 5 4 ways

To lose bad unwanted excess weight is what you are always looking for every day of your life, because you do not want to gain or keep the extra weight you have now.  Since you know that  being overweight will open the door to many diseases that will damage your great health, as well you know how much you lose out in life whenever you are sick. Also, you already know that being and staying overweight is very unattractive and unergetic. And even God says that Gluttony is a sin, which is to have more than your fair share and being excessive with anything. So you must lose weight and you must lose all the excess today. So I will share with you the top 4 ways to do it easily.

First top way on healthy ways to lose weight: Wear Tight Clothes.
Now I know when you are overweight and are trying to lose weight, the last thing you want to wear are tight clothes to show off your imperfections. But just because of that reason, that is why you must wear tight clothes because then at lunch or dinner, you will not go for the sweets or try to overeat, because you will be too self-conscious to eat all that you want.  And in this easy way, you will lose weight easily by being uncomfortable.

Second great way for healthy weight loss: Don't Starve Yourself.
Logically, you would think that if you starve yourself you would lose all the excess weight you want in a short time. But nothing is further from the truth, when you starve your body from food, your  brain send the commands to your metabolism to shut down and stop using and burning the fats. Because to your body, this is a time of food recession and so it is trying to preserve what it already has in storage, which is fat. So it uses the muscle mass because it is easily broken down to serve as energy for you. And this is why you will see plenty of people who have lost a lot of weight, but when they lift up their arms or wear short pants, you will see plenty of excess skin just flapping around. Because they have lost Muscle Mass, and not Fat Mass. But not you Fellow Health Nut, along with the tight outfit above, you will eat little meals constantly, so your brain could keep on telling your metabolism to keep on burning, because this is a time of plenty.

Third top way on healthy ways to lose weight: Stop Talking When Eating.
When you are constantly running your mouth, your brain is too busy feeding you with information to send out  and registering responses, to be able to monitor just how much food you are imputting. Also when you are watching your favorite TV shows, you tend to overeat as well, because your brain have the same problem. And when you are standing up and eating, you also tend to overeat. So beware of how many functions you are asking your brain to keep up with when you are eating, because you will eat way more than you think, and then you will have a very hard time to lose weight healthy. So stop talking when eating, focus on your food, and you will not overeat and easily lose weight.

Fourth wonderful way to lose weight healthy: Drink water.
I don't know how many times I must write about this way for losing weight, or to clean your body from diseases, but here we go. When you put something in your mouth, right away your brain give you entire mouth commands to flush itself with an excessive amount of saliva, so the mixture of food and liquid can be swallowed, and you won't have to keep on biting your tongue or the sides of your mouth, or your lips. And when you are drinking wine, sodas, juice with your meals, your body will still need water to break down this food, and that's water you had given to it over an hour ago to do other jobs inside your body, such as: Help you perspire and cool your body down when you are hot, breaking down the breakfast you fed to it earlier, to flush out the toxins in your body and help you to pee. So drink water with your meals, and you will eat less. Drink water often and you will not confuse hunger with thirst. Drink water often and your body will stay full, and you will eat less sweet, less fat, less carbohydrate, less weight gain. So for healthy ways to lose weight, without all the grueling exercises, then use all the top 4 ways above and you will lose weight easily and effortlessly. And beyond that, you will have and maintain great health for life. Your Health Advocate, James Dazouloute

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