3 Great Reasons You Better WorkOut

3 Vital reasons I beg you to work out.. See:

Why People Should WorkOut... Should be quite obvious, but since you live in a world where you are told to love yourself just as you are, and you are also perfect. Then most people just take that beyond the Self Esteem Mantra, which they were being taught to not be depressed or suicidal. But for weight loss and avoiding physical sickness reasons, then everybody know that they should work out daily for at least 30 minutes. Because the body was made to be active with so many body parts, with so many veins, with such a great amount of cells, and with a mind that is overly stressed due to the million of decisions it has to make daily. So with that, I will share with you the top 3 reasons why people, including yourself, should work out.

First top reason why people should work out: Add Years To Life Disease Free.
It has been long known that when you work out or get involved in any physical activity for at least thirty minutes per day, then you will potentially add at least 4 years to your life, and living disease free. Because you already know that when you are overweight, and do not get involved in sports or any physical activity, then you welcome all kinds of diseases, pains and illnesses. And here is what the Scientists have found out: "This shows that physical activity really does make a difference -- not only for how long you live but for how long you live a healthy life," said Oscar H. Franco of the Erasmus M.C. University Medical Center in Rotterdam, who led the study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. "Being more physically active can give you more time." 
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Why people should work out, 2nd. top reason: Improve Response In Brain Functions.
When you work out, you allow more blood flow all throughout your body, and ultimately more oxygen and more blood flow to the brain. Which is the command center of your entire body, as well the main factor that determines your motivation and your depression in life. Because when you feed your brain with fresh oxygen, you can think faster and resolve any and all issues where usually the answers would be hidden from your mind. Also your reflexes will improve as well, along with the blood flow to your sexual organs since there will be less fat obstructing the highway that the blood cells must travel. And when you can think, you can act, and you can succeed in all areas of life.

Third top reason why people should work out: Raise Self Confidence. 
And I know that you may not think this is vital, but when you think about it, all that you do require self-confidence. From getting a promotion at work, to speaking out on a subject. From looking someone in the eyes, to being overly shy when in public. From joining a local community sports activity, to staying home and incessantly watch TV. Yes your self confidence make you or break you, and when you work out your mind is telling your body that it is stronger, more flexible, more agile, more robust, more sexy and much more wanted than the other people in your group. And that will enable you to fulfill your goals easily. Also when you work out, you open up all your energy centers for the Universe to send you your heart's desire, Since if your Chakras or 7 main energy centers are blocked, then all mental and physical energy that you will need to do all you want, are completely blocked as well. By James Dazouloute

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