21 Reasons To Visit The Bahamas

21 Reasons to visit the bahamas.. SEE:

The Bahamas is a special little place in paradise that has fallen to earth by accident, and ever since then mankind has been fortunate to have discovered its secret location and begun to enjoy all of its many features with great enjoyment. And so this is why you must find a way to get to the Bahamas while there is still time, and while this paradise still exists here on earth. Because the world is getting more toxic by the day, the great corporations are getting greedier by the minute and so they are polluting everything in their path in order to make a profit, and most people simply refuse to work hand in hand with mother nature in living a green lifestyle. And so the Bahamas is one of the few places that are left on earth where the waters are clean, where the ocean is beaming with life and the water is so clear you can see underneath for at least 200 feet down, and where the pigs are so friendly they will come right to you and swim alongside with you. But first, here are a few facts about the Bahamas.

The Bahamas is a group of about 700 islands, atolls and cays (pronounced “keys”) in the western Atlantic Ocean, and you can get there in about one hour from Miami Florida. And even though only 30 islands are inhabited, you will have the most wonderful experience meeting the Bahamians who live there and are so friendly, giving, kind and wonderful that you will think that they are from another planet. And don't forget that you still have over 670 islands that are there for you to explore, that you can call your own place of paradise, if you can work it out with the Bahamian government. 

Also you must know that Andros Island is the largest island of The Bahamas, and is bigger than all the other 699 islands combined, and that is where you will find the majority of the citizens living. Also, The Bahamas is famous for rum, but rum was actually invented thousands of years ago in either India or China. 

Another great thing about The Bahamas is Sunday, because it is a very quiet day in the Bahamas. No one is really out, including the tourists. But for the rest of the week, Pedestrians should walk carefully when crossing the street as there are very few stop signs and traffic lights in Nassau. Another fun fact is that t
he popular James Bond film, Thunderball, was partly filmed in Nassau, where much of the story is set.

And Now, 21 Reasons To Visit The Bahamas

Half Moon Beach (Little San Salvador Island (Half Moon Cay))
“Felt like in heaven” 10/08/2015
“The best beach in the Caribbean” 10/07/2015


French Leave Beach (Governor's Harbour)
“Beautiful” 10/08/2015
“Beautiful beach” 10/02/2015


Lighthouse Beach (Eleuthera)

“Lighthouse Beach...a Must See!!!” 09/28/2015
“Worth the Drive” 09/22/2015


Segway Tours (1)
Nassau Segway Beach and Waterfront Tour


Gold Rock Beach (Lucayan National Park)
“Beautiful!” 10/07/2015
“Wow!” 09/30/2015


Coco Cay (Little Stirrup Cay) (Berry Islands)
“Great for a day on the beach - Div...” 10/11/2015
“Such a Beautiful Island!” 10/07/2015

The Tiki Bikini Hut (Nassau)
“Great Place” 10/10/2015
“Excellent service at the Tiki Biki...” 1

8. Paradise Island
Do you like to party? If so, Paradise Island is the place to be. On this island you can find bars, comedy clubs, casinos and restaurants. Oh, and we can’t forget about the huge Atlantis Paradise Island resort.

9. Shopping
We admit, we love shopping nearly everywhere. But shopping in the Bahamas is a bit more special. The shops in the Bahamas are filled with authentic items that show off the culture and heritage of the islands. The local crafts at the straw market on Nassau is our favorite!

10. Cabbage Beach
This has to be the most popular beach in the Bahamas. This large beach is perfect for a stroll along the nice, soft white sand. Since the beach is lined with large hotels, it is a very busy beach – perfect for people watching.   


Travelers' Choice™ 2015 Winner
Aquaventure Water Park at Atlantis Paradise Island (Nassau)
“overrated” 10/11/2015
“Worth Every Penny” 10/10/2015


Pink Sands Beach (Harbour Island)

“Serene” 10/05/2015
“A piece of Heaven!” 09/29/

13. Lucayan National Park
The 40-acre Lucayan National Park is one of our favorite places to discover the various ecosystems that exist in the Bahamas islands. From pine forests to caves to natural trails, there is plenty to explore at this spectacular park.

14. Dining
From a 5 star restaurant along the waters to more traditional island foods, the Bahamas has dining options for all tastes. Some of our favorite restaurants are on Nassau and nearby Paradise Island.

15. Cable Beach
Another popular beach, Cable Beach offers hotels, restaurants and even a casino. If you weren’t able to make it to Vegas this year, this might be the next best thing!


Travelers' Choice™ 2015 Winner
Marine Habitat at Atlantis (Paradise Island)

“Atantis Aquarium/Dig” 10/09/2015
“Very cool to see” 10/08/201

Kalik is The Bahamas in a bottle, so you'll see it in every bar on every island. This clear, refeshing beer is named after the kalikking sound of cowbells at Junkanoo, which is an ummissable opportunity for islanders to ring bells, beat drums, blow horns and drink a few bottles of Kalik. The 'beer of the Bahamas' is brewed in Nassau   



20. You can go horseback riding in the clear waters

21. And of course you can't forget about The Junkanoo Carnival  in The Bahamas. So make you sure book your cheap flight to The Bahamas for this great event.

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