15 Different Areas Of Psychology You Must Know

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Psychology is the ultimate subject in life, because every single little thing to do is because of your mental state at the time which influences your feelings, emotions  and then actions. And since whatever the mind believes the body will act upon, you have to make sure that you view things for what they are and not hallucinate, or at least view things as the Majority views them, unless you want to be called weird and then be persecuted. And so Psychologists are out there to help you to understand who you are, and why you do the things you do, and then help you to fix you mind which will fix your behavior. And most individuals who want to become Psychologists tend to go for Clinical Psychology, because it is so broad and they can work in a variety of fields like a mental health clinic, a school clinic, they can become Therapists with private practices, or they can do consulting for business and industry which mostly help businesses understand consumer behavior and how to affect such behaviors for profitable sales. But beware, because Psychologists do not have the same jobs as Psychiatrists, since  the latter is an M.D. While the former does not need to go to medical school. And you must also know that Psychiatrists can prescribe drugs, while Psychologists can not. And so with this basic information, I now can help you to understand the 15 Different Areas Of Psychology You Must Know About:   

Title of Specialty  --- Typical Professional Activities

1. Clinical Psychology
Therapy, research, teaching, writing, helping people with behavioral or mental disorders.  --- 55%

2. Counseling Psychology
Helping people with problems of everyday life (such as marital problems, school problems, family crises)  -- 14%

3. Educational Psychology
Teaching and research on teaching and learning and educational systems, mostly in academic settings (colleges and universities)  --- 10%

4. School Psychology and Psychometrics
Testing and diagnosing gifted and learning disabled students, mostly in school settings == 8%

5. Social Psychology
Teaching and research about social influences on individuals  -- 8%

6. Industrial/Organizational (I/O)  -- 
Teaching, research, or program design concerning business and industry  -- 8%

7. Experimental and Cognitive Psychology --
Teaching and research on human information processing such as perception, language, and memory --7%  

8. Human Factors Psychology and Engineering Psychology
Theory and research about interactions between humans and tools, equipment, and systems. -- 6%

9. Community Psychology
Activities undertaken in the community to benefit the community. --- 5%

10. Developmental Psychology, including Child Psychology, Adolescent Psychology, the Psychology of Aging
The study of development from conception to death  -- 4%

11. Physiological Psychology, Psychobiology, Neuroscience
Biological Approaches to Psychology --  3%

12. Health Psychology, Medical Psychology, Behavioral Medicine, Rehabilitation Psychology, Psychiatric Rehabilitation
Psychology relating to health and medicine or taking place in hospitals -- 2%

13. Comparative and Animal Psychology
Psychology involving the analysis of animal behavior and the comparison of different species -- 2%

14. Forensic Psychology, Prison Psychology, Psychology and the Law

Psychology involved with the legal system, prisons, and court system  ==2%

15. Methodologists and Statistical Consultants

Psychology involved in setting up experiments and analyzing data  -- 2%  

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