13 Spinach Benefits That Popeye Has Been Telling You About

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Spinach is one of the great best friends that you will ever have in your life, because it has been trying its best for at least 50 years to shout from the rooftops that it is here to help you to live a healthy lifestyle, as well help you to live for as long as you want - pain and disease free. And one of the ways it has been notifying you is through Popeyes The Sailor Man. And this is why you have seen Mr. Popeyes over and over again eat his spinach and then all of a sudden he has been able to get stronger and stronger, all the while being able to accomplish all that he sets out to do, in the hope of pleasing, helping and gaining the favor of his beloved Olive Oil. But I know that you still won't believe that eating your spinach is great for you, so here are 13 facts about it to help you.

1. Spinach is best eaten fresh, because it loses its nutritional properties with each passing day. 

2. Spinach is high in vitamin A, and eating it will help keep your eyes, skin, and hair healthy. 

3. Just eating one cup of spinach, it will provide you with about 200% of your daily value of vitamin K, a nutrient that is badly needed for healthy bone. 

4. You must try to eat organic spinach as often as possible, and not canned type, because it also contains high level of pesticides

5. Need 1 of the 5 servings of fruits and vegetables your body needs? Then just eat one cup of spinach

6. Spinach is an excellent source of vitamin A, magnesium, folate, manganese, iron, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B2, potassium and vitamin B6. 

7. Also spinach has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory antioxidants. So instead of running to get chemotherapy after you get cancer and kill most of your good cells, you must first and always eat your spinach like Popeyes have been telling you to do. 

8. When you eat spinach for a while, you will see that your eyesight improves greatly.

9. Spinach is a great source of selenium and omega-3 fatty acids just like fish has, and you already know just how great fish is for you.

10. When you eat spinach you will get a great source of fiber, copper, zinc and phosphorus.

11. Eating more spinach will promote the synthesis of asteocalcin.

12. Also it will help you to fight cardiovascular diseases

13. And you must know that spinach is a natural laxative.

So what will you do starting today Beloved is entirely up to you, but know that you were given the secret to a long and healthy life so you can accomplish all the great things you are here to do. Your Health Advocate, James Dazouloute


Popeye the sailor man!
Finally Researchers have discovered what those of us over 50 knew all along...Popeye was right, eating a bowl of spinach a day makes your muscles "profoundly" more efficient. Recent studies confirmed eating just 300g of the vegetable reduced the amount of oxygen needed to power muscles by as much as five per cent when exercising. The secret is not in the iron as was previously thought, but in the abundance of nitrates in the vegetable. The effect is so powerful it works after only 3 days...
"It is like a fuel additive for your muscles – it makes them run much more smoothly and efficiently," said the lead author Dr Eddie Weitzberg of the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden.

A bowl of spinach with roasted garlic.
The study found that the difference in energy in take was between three and five per cent – a significant figure. Thus the "Superfood," made popular by Popeye the Sailor Man in the 1950's, who popped open a can of spinach whenever he got in trouble has passed the test of time.
According to the study...Nitric oxide is an important molecule which opens up blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, and improves circulation. Mitochondria, like all engines, lose a lot of energy through heat loss. The nitrate seems to stop this waste so the muscle works more efficiently. "We know that diets rich in fruits and vegetables can help prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes, but the active nutrients haven't been clear...this is a profound and significant effect. It shows that Popeye was right all along."
Our research indicates that Physical Strength is often overlooked, by young and old alike, as one of the keys to living a long and productive life. As you age getting stronger becomes more difficult, but with proper diet and exercise you can keep the strength you have for a long time...therefore it makes sense to build up as much strength as you can while you are young and according to the study by eating your spinach you just found 5% no matter how old you are...

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