10 Truths About Money Google Knows. Pt. 2 Of 4

10 Truths Google Knows About Money.. SEE:

4. Money Is For Everyone.
Learn this great truth about Money that the majority of the people of the world forget is that, Money is for everyone. Because it is a resource like all other, as well all the materials it is made from, are from God who created them just like He did with the elements of the earth. And so you must fully understand and believe this truth, that Money is for You also. And so you must do whatever it takes to get that Money. Also remember that God even told you that you must work 6 days a week and rest on the 7th. So go get a job, even two if you must, and work 6 days to get all the Money that belongs you also. 

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5. Money Is The Universal Tool.
Money can be used anywhere in the world for you to have access to all things and all other resources. Know This! Because with Money you can have all the friends you want, all the love you want, all the cars you want, all the houses you want, all the horses you would like, all the foods you can eat, all the water you ever want to drink, all the air conditioned you want to breath. And please, I beg of You Beloved, do not listen to the Hypocrites of the world who are always telling You that Money cannot buy you happiness, love or friends. But at the same time those Hypocrites will be asking you for a donation, asking you to help the homeless, asking you to help send their kids to school etc.. All Because You Have Money. So Get That Money First, And All Things And People Will Line Up To Be Close To You. Remember This!

6. Money Makes Life Easier.
You don't believe that Money makes life easier? Then try to be without Money for months and no one is helping you, and then when you are Homeless, comeback and tell me that Money does not make life easier. Heck, even the Monks who do not use Money, all depend on the donations of others to live in this world, they must get food, clothing, water from the people they are praying for. And just how do you think those people got the food, the water and the clothing? And even now where you are in your life, just look at the hard times you're having paying your bills and now look at those Movie Stars who own 18 cars, who have maids, chauffeurs, personal trainers, therapists, agents, attorneys, bodyguards, gardeners..... And then tell me that Money does not make life easier. Or, let your Mother falls sick with Cancer and she has no money and no benefits, and you have to watch her suffer horribly and die an excruciating death because she can not get the care, the medications and the chemotherapy she so badly needs... All the while you are feeling so powerless because you have no money to help her, then come back and tell me that Money does not make life easier. Or, catch AIDS right Now and have no money at all, and you can't pay for any care or medications. Or you could have money like Magic Johnson who caught AIDS and was able to pay for the best care and best medications as well pay all his other bills, and is now still living after 20 years. So if you don't have Money like Magic, and you are dying a slow horrible death with AIDS, then tell me that Money does not make life easier. So Go Get Yours, James Dazouloute

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