You Are My Lady... A Love Poem.

You Are My Lady, that I always wished for ever since the Universe had introduced me to Love and Affection, and ever since every fiber of my being started to wake up to erotic sensations. For that is when I realized that I needed you tremendously, and did not want to get to know anyone else.

Yes you are my lady, who is every bit of my dream that was stored up inside my heart, until I was able to find your Angelic face and put the two together. Yes you are my baby in waiting, yes you are my perfect half, yes you are my Necessity.

I do not care, nor do I ever bother to look for any other like you, if there were any... Because you, my sweet lady, who could ever be compared to you, who could ever be as giving as you, and who in all the world could ever even try to understand me as much as you do? 

You are my lady who gives my life purpose, you are the reason why I get a lot of things accomplished that I would never do before, and you take me to a higher level of emotions that I could never imagine in all of my days, and for all that I am in your debt, not just for today and not just for this year, but Life.

I need you day in and day out, I need you without reservation, I need you to deliver me even from myself. And I am not taking NO for an answer, because you are she who lifts me up to Hero Status, when you help me to accomplish all wonderful things that Your heart love.

My Lady, you are  why I dropped down in this Universe. You are sought after by me, even for the few seconds that you leave me to go brush your hair. You are my protection from doing stupid things, and you are my Center Piece that fits my life's puzzle completely.  

Where  can I go that you are not there as well, where can I stay that you are not near, and where can I take time to be alone without being connected to you? All because that “ Soul Mate “ Thing is all about us being forever connected. And this is why You are my Lady.

I need you now, I need your love this instant, I am desperate without your sweet kisses, I am not a Great Man without you by my sides. And I am not even in existence without your kindness, without your attention, and without you holding my hands and looking deep into my eyes, and then tell me I Love You.

You are my lady, you are my  protection from all that I ever need in life, and you are my hope and joy that I refuse to do without. I confess my sins to God, that I am in love with you endlessly, I am forever living off the substance of your feel-good emotions. And I am the prisoner of your love, for your wonderful heart will never let me go. I need time from the Universe to spend with you, I need more love from The Son Of God so I can adore you with. And I need more than enough Life just to give it all to you my perfect Lady. Your Loving Man, James Dazouloute

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