Why You Must Become A Surgeon For This

In life, we all have a great important thing to do that has been assigned to us by God, and because of that we are all given a special gift, a special attribute and a special way that our mind works. And then we find ourselves able to do certain things easily in some areas of life, while others have great trouble doing those things in those same areas. But as usual, rather than question why we are able to do certain things so easily, or why does our mind work with such precision in particular areas of life so easily, instead we allow our pride and ego to rise up fully, and we pat ourselves on the back, we brag to other people that we are a genius, we are almost a god and we are above all the little people. But not once do most of us realize that this is a gift from God who has equipped us with all the tools necessary so we can accomplish all that are expected of us. So why become a Surgeon?

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Because you are pre-destined to become one and help save the lives of many of your brothers and sisters. In effect, you are really a representative of God who is doing His work and sharing in His glory, because you are the savior to many, you are a rearranger of bodies, you are the person who decide who to allow to keep on living and who to allow to die. Also you have to become a Surgeon because all your life you have constantly been able to easily do math in school, while all your friends in the same school were struggling. Also in Chemistry classes, in Woodworking Classes, in Biology classes you have always been able to understand these subject super easily. As well you excelled in things that involved working with your hands, and figuring things out with your mind. Also you were obsessed with saving people lives, with helping them, you were always amazed at the human anatomy and you always seemed to have a gift in diagnosing what is wrong with people and what remedy they can take or things they can do to get better. 

So as you can see, you were born to become a Surgeon, so this is why you must become one. This is why you were given all these unique gifts that none of your friends or family members had. Also you must become a Surgeon because all your brothers and sisters in the world are in dire need of your services, of your super steady hands, of your medical knowledge, of your great instincts about sickness and cures, of your super great compassion to help others to live a better life. So go ahead and begin taking the steps today that will have you to officially become a Surgeon. And don't forget that you can become a Surgeon in many areas of the body such as: A breast Surgeon, a Heart Surgeon, a Brain Surgeon, an Eye Surgeon etc... So start using the great gift of medicine and operations to cure illnesses and restore the human body to maximum effectiveness. James Dazouloute

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