Why Did You Make God's Green Earth Black

God's Green Earth, How Did You End Up Making It Black Earth?. Yes how did you end up dirtying and polluting to sickness God green earth?. After all, how would you feel if you built a beautiful house, planted the most gorgeous flowers, put in a pond that is flowing with the rarest fishes, and even had a garden with all healthy organic foods, as well even the birds and the monarch butterflies come to visit and rest at your backyard. And then here come “ So – Called “ friends who come to live with you, and you give them access to your beautiful castle and they pee all over your floors, they trample down your flowers, they change their oil and dump it in your pond and then they use all their hair sprays all over your organic plants. How would you feel?.  And what actions would you take?.  

Now are you beginning to see dear friend the severity of polluting God's green earth, and His beautiful planet over all?. You were created, the earth was created, the oceans were created, the animals were created, the atmosphere was created, the sun and the moon were created as well. And all these creations were meant to work together, serve and protect each other. So why has all other creations done their job perfectly, except for mankind? I mean the sun stays fixated and give it's light to humans during the day, the moon gives it's light at night to humans, the oceans respect their boundaries to the shoreline, the animals love – respect – give themselves up as food for humans, the atmosphere gives us it's oxygen for humans. And what do humans do, as individuals and under the name of big corporations as being a group of people?.  Us humans are the worst kind of Locusts, for we consume everything in site and then we move to the next place and kill whatever we find and then consume all else as well. As if that is not enough, we kill and destroy our foods, we destroy our air, we pollute our waters, we even kill other humans just to take what little they have. So what will be left to consume?, and are you participating and encouraging this every day?. If not, I am proud of you and raise your voice.

Another reason that we make The Earth Black is because, there are many of us who are just very complacent. As well we are very passive in our Activism, and we always seem to think that Someone Else will get this done, will get that done, or even that The Government will pass New Greenhouse Laws, and all that is wrong will be made right. But I tell you dear friend, in all honesty, that these kind people are the same ones who will not call The Police when they see a Burglar breaking into a house next door, and they just think that someone else will take care of it. But what they always fail to realize is that, Evil and Destruction will come to your door steps next. And that polluted water will arrive in your faucets tomorrow, that polluted air will come down in your chimney this afternoon. And so the old saying still works: If You See Something Wrong, Say And Do Something. Yes Beloved, do something to make The Earth Green Again, so that it will be God Green Earth continually, as it was meant to be. 

God Green Earth, How Did We End Up Making It Black Earth?. You know sometimes it has been said: “ Oh for God's sake please do this or please do that. “ So I wonder if that will work nowadays, I mean if you were to beg long enough to other humans or to the big corporations who just want to disrespect and kill everything you need to survive. Or may be a song like “ Kumbaya “ can be sung, and then the wars for oil, the dumping of toxic waste, the heavy radiations, the extinction of all animals, and reducing the population of humanity with all the toxic gases, would all stop. What do you think?. Please share with me so I can learn. James Dazouloute

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