Who Write Big Checks To Control You Pt. 3 Of 3

And when the wars start after the One Percent had turned one Country against another, then those Countries have to borrow money to buy war materials, to pay their Soldiers and to even feed their Citizens. And of course, they have to give as collateral to the One Percent, the very Thing that they did not want to give away, if not they will be conquered and enslaved. And of course if You were doing Business with those Citizens and selling your goods, now you have to shut your doors because that war taking place over there, has now affected You, and you will have to go out to The One Percent's Bank and get a loan as well. So are you starting to see how the system is made to control your every move, and control every inch of your life? And I tell you all this Beloved, so you don't just have mindless conspiracies, but you can look all around you and see how a dollar is not made unless it is controlled at the very top. And at the end of the day, it is All About The Money! And All Done For The Money!   

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Fourth way the One Percent Control Wealth: Through Their Command Center.
You have to realize that they have to have a meeting place, they have to have a Command Center to live in when the wars that they created are expanding, when the diseases that they have seeded have now spread worldwide, and even when Mother Nature is unleashing her wrath after they have polluted her and after they launch their H.A.A.R.P. Weapon that causes Earthquake and Tsunamis. And so through The One Percent's Command Center, they will continue to control wealth all the while destroying You and your fellow Earth Inhabitants.

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Control Wealth... How Does The One Percent Plan To Destroy YOU And All That You Hold Dear? Well now You have the big picture, and now the puzzle is not unsolvable, and now You can tie in all the schemes of The One Percent... Just so You can have a chance to make some money, just so You can have your share of resources from Mother Earth, just so You can go out and help your fellow brother and sister by exposing the True Plan and Agenda of The One Percent.  James Dazouloute

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