Who Control Your Wealth - Pt. 2 Of 3

Second Way The One Percent Goes About Controlling Wealth: Initiate Depopulation.
Now You have been around for quite a while, and you have witnessed how Diseases are spread, how Pollution is destroying lives, how Cancer and A.I.D.S. Are killing many daily, how Foods and Water are poisoned constantly. And then of course, don't forget about The Many Wars that were initiated for made up reasons, as False Flags Operations, and even to steal resources. On top of that, there are The Terrorists of the world who have been abused and violated so much, but because they are so few in numbers and have so very little resources of money and weapons to fight back, that they have to resolve to terrorist acts just to have a chance to be heard. Now just add all of these ingredients, then You will realize that many, and a great many have died... Just  so that the One Percent will not have to share any of the resources like food,  gold, coal, oil and water that they are hoarding for themselves.

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Control Wealth... How Does The One Percent Plan To Destroy YOU? Another way is through Made Up Wars.
And You already know this because you have witnessed all the wars that were initiated for Oil, for Diamonds, and in even for Money Lending. Since without money and resources, no Country can go to war, can fight for its beliefs, its sovereignty and even its independence. And of course if The President of a Country does now want to play ball with the One Percent, then they immediately go to work through The News Media to start Propagandas like they did with The Keiser of Germany for World War 1, with The Germans as Bloodthirsty Huns for World War 2, with Gadaffi, with the Presidents of the African Countries who did not want to give away their Diamond minds, with The Japanese who did not want to trade with the West back in the 1800s, with The Palestinians who did not want to give away their land, and so on.... 

So who control your wealth and how much of a puppet are you? Well I would continue on enlightening you, but you probably don't want to hear the truth and would not believe it anyway. For Part 3 Of 3 Of Who Control Your Wealth, Be Sure To Subscribe By Email So You Can Be In The KnowJames Dazouloute

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