What Is A Public Defender N Why You Never Want One:


Learn This: If Anything Is Free, It Is Going To Cost You An Arm And A Leg, James Dazouloute -- And so a Public Defender is a court appointed Attorney who works only to defend anyone who has been accused of a crime and who can not afford an Attorney of his or her own, because he or she does not have the financial means. And again remember, the more something - or - a service sounds free to you, the more it will always, always cost you in the long run. And nothing is truer than that than when it comes to having a Public Defender to represent you in court, it is like you playing Russian Roulette with your freedom and 97% Of the time you will lose. Why? Because a Public Defender is an employee of the State who gets assigned cases of people who are financially destitute and who are accused of a crime, and while the U.S. Constitution guarantees you legal representation, it does not guarantee you that you will get anything of value out of it.

And so this is what you get from a Public Defender, because by rule, that Attorney is supposed to be assigned no more than 75 cases. And when it comes to criminal cases where investigation has to take place, research has to be done, witnesses have to be interviewed, evidence of all kinds has to be reviewed, investigators have to go out and find all the details that the Police missed, then there is no way that one Attorney can handle 75 cases on their own, with no help, no legal staff, no secretaries, no investigators and no financial resources to search every nook and cranny for you. And don't be alarmed yet, because when I said that this type of Attorney is supposed to handle 75 cases, that is in a district where you have low population and extremely low crime rate. But for the average Public Defender who is in a large city with large districts, then that Attorney will be assigned about 1000 criminal cases to handle on his or her own. And so what do you think that this Attorney is going to do with each case, and how long do you really think that he or she will work on each case? Be fair and be honest with yourself, and then you will realize that this person  who is working for you with their hands tied behind their backs, will have to Plea Bargain every case (Whether you are guilty or not), and can only spend about 5 minutes on the phone and another 5 in person with you and the prosecuting Attorney, so a deal can be worked out. 

And the best you can hope for is that you will be a first time offender, and the plea bargain will result in you getting probation for the next several years of your life without any jail time, but your record will be showing that you were guilty of a crime, and then there goes your good jobs in the future, there goes you ever being able to get government assistance if you are down financially, there goes you having a criminal record for the rest of your life. And so the next time that you happen to be at the wrong place and at the wrong time, and then you get accused of another crime, then you will be presumed guilty because you now have "Prior". In other words, you already have a criminal record, and so the Police and the next Public Defender along with the Prosecuting Attorney, will all look at you as a criminal. And let's not forget about the 3 Strike Rules, meaning once you have been found guilty of 3 criminal offenses, because you had to plea bargain through a sorry Public Defender the first 2 times, and now you are looking at being put in jail for life.

So Now You Know What A Public Defender Is And Why You Never Want One, because they are Free. And the free stuff will always cost you your dignity, will always make you give more than you are willing, it will always require something from you that is heavy burden. Don't Believe Me? Think about Religion and Salvation even, where the Christ tells you that it is free and all you have to do is to believe and accept it. But as soon as you do, now you are ordered to live this way and that way, to not do this or that, to not speak this way or that way, to not act like this or like that, because all these ways would be a wrong representation or use of the Free Gift you received. But it anything is given to you for free, then you should not have to do anything for it, and once you do receive it, then you should be able to do whatever you want with it, even throw it away if you want and suffer no problems. And I just use this highest and best example of Free, so you can see that there is no such good thing as a Free Gift, even by the gods. So what makes you think that if the legal system is offering free representation, that it would not cost you anything or that it would be a great help to you? Think Beloved... Your Legal Advocate, James Dazouloute

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