What Is Negligence... And Can I Be Sued For It.

What Is Negligence... Since you hear that word throughout so many conversations, as well as in many newscasts? And you also hear a lot that a Company was negligent, and yet you are still not sure what negligence is and it affects you legally.  All Because the last thing you ever want, is to be accused of this bad and scary word ( Negligence ). And then not knowing what to do, what to say and even what to think. So today I intend to share with you all the basics about negligence, and Yes you can be sued for it.

Negligence can mean different things in different areas of life, but the most basic explanation is you failing to do something about a situation that you are expected to take some kind of proper action, or something that is common sense that a normal person would not do and you end up doing it. So in other words, either you do something really stupid, or you just refuse to do something that is just good common sense. And negligence is as simple as that, along with taking all the proper precautions.  

And you see this with all the Big Corporations that are sued for Negligence. 
When they kept hush-hush about the side effects of a product that they should clearly disclose to the public, and they don't and try to make as much profits as possible. Also the Police gets sued for negligence when they do something wrong, or they fail to do something they should have done to save a life. And of course all negligence are not the same, because you have different degrees of Negligence.

First degree of Negligence: Ordinary Negligence.
Basically, it is you doing your best to act careless, where you should use a reasonable level of care in doing something.

Second degree of Negligence: Gross Negligence.
This is when you totally do not care, and you become a daredevil in what you are supposed to do.  And you don't care if anybody gets injured or even die, because the only thing you care about is you.  

And important to note that in Negligence, not everybody can be sued. Because there are different categories of Immunities. So you have:

Absolute Immunity.
Usually All the Judges in the Justice Legal System, are granted absolute immunity. So you can  not sue them for Negligence for sentencing you to Jail, because  they judged you based upon what the Prosecutors and Defending Lawyers presented.

Quasi-Judicial Immunity.
You usually will find this type of immunity with Ambassadors, employees of the Consulate and other Government Officials. And usually they can't be prosecuted if they're speeding, if they kill someone etc. But their own Government can prosecute, which hardly ever happens.

Qualified Immunity.
This type of immunity can be given to Witnesses, to people testifying against others, to undercover agents, to spies etc..  

And as I stated above, Yes, you can be sued for negligence.
If you kill someone in a car accident, or if a Corporation sold you a drug that they knew would cripple or kill you, or if a Police Officer shoots someone illegally. Or if you abandon your child, and he or she hurts his 0r herself. So what you have to do in your duty and even in life in general is to: Always be aware when a situation presents itself where either, you do something really stupid, or you just refuse to do something that is just good common sense. 

What Is Negligence... And Can I Be Sued For It? Well now that you know about that, there is a lot more legal troubles you can get into. James Dazouloute

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