Unbelievable News - This Man Did How Many Pushups

How many push ups can you actually do, even if you stop and rest in between?. And we're not even talking about just cranking out push – ups non stop in one set, and of course everyone knows that doing push- ups is one of the greatest exercises ever created. And that is why the Military, the Police, the Gymnasts, the Bodybuilders, the Prisoners doing time in jail, they all swear by this exercise of how great it is.

And all because this exercise is a mass movement, meaning when you do push – ups you're working out at least 8 big body parts, like: your chest, your shoulders, your biceps, your triceps, your upper back, your forearms, your neck and even your buttocks as you squeeze them trying to hold your body up from the floor. As well, you already know that a proper push – up involves arms extended out, your entire body completely lifted off the floor, also your entire body is resting on the toes and the palm of your hands. And you must lower your body all the way to the ground without touching it, and then use only your arms to push your body up, and then repeat this cycle over and over again. All the while building up your entire upper body.

Well today dear friend, I want to introduce you to Mr. Charles Linster,
  who weighed 153 pounds and stood at 5 feet 6 and one half inches ( 5'6.5” ). And Mr. Linster was a 16 year old gymnast who was accustomed to doing push – ups as part of his regular routine in the gym. And as you well know a gymnast must have a super strong upper body, and one of their primary exercises as youngster is the push-ups before they even begin to dabble with heavy weights. So on October 7, 1965 the 16 year old Charles Linster who was from Wilmette Illinois and who also attended New Trier High School, asked his coaches to be his key witnesses because he felt that he was ready to seriously try to get his name into the record books. And so for 3 hours and 56 minutes, or almost 4 hours, Mr. Linster performed a whopping clean 6006 push – ups non stop. And I do mean Non Stop, not a dozen push -ups then take a break like we all do; or when we get tired we start we start to cheat by only going half way down, no my friend 6006 push – ups clean.

Some Other Great People Who Broke Mr. Linster's Record After Being Inspired By Him:
Tommy Gildert, 9,105 push-ups on July 1, 1979,
Colin Hewick, 10,029 push-ups on July 18, 1982,
Tommy Gildert, 24,044 push-ups in 24 hours on March 29-30, 1985,
Paul Lynch, 25,753 push-ups on July 18, 1985,
Jack Atherton, 29,601 push ups in 24 hours on July 11-12, 1986,
Jeffery Warwick, 32,251 push-ups on June 16, 1987,
Paul Lynch 32,573 push-ups in 24 hours on 12-13 September, 1987,
Paddy Doyle 37,350 push-ups in 24 hours on May 1-2, 1989,
Charles Servizio 43,360 push-ups in 24 hours on January 18-19, 1992,
Junber Lezhava, 44,141 push-ups in 24 hours, 1992 and
Charles Servizio, 46,001 push-ups in 24 hours on April 24-5, 1993.

Needless to say that Mr. Charles Linster was in super excellent shape to be able to build – up to this great feat. Also needless to say that he was extremely sore for about a week, and you also would have to think that he must have taken his brain to a happy place in order to get past the pain. Just like most bodybuilders will tell you they do when they are training extremely heavy, they will either listen to great motivating music or they will see the 500 pounds bench press bar in their mind as a light branch from a tree that they will easily move. While others will focus all their “ Chi “ energy to do that one exercise, in other words the rest of the body will go limp and the brain will give super fast orders to all cells and energy centers to focus only to this one area of the body. So my friend, how many push – ups can you do in one setting without cheating?.  Is the amount 6006 push – ups like Mr. Linster or will it be just 3 0r 4?. Leave me a comment and share with the world how many great push – ups you can crank out, and how much this great sports exercise has benefited you and built your upper body. James Dazouloute

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